JTA: Jewish community mobilizes giving to Haiti

NEW YORK (JTA) -- The Haitian earthquake has been a major fund-raising boon at the Krieger Schechter Day School in suburban Baltimore.

The Jewish elementary school normally collects about $200 per week from its 420 students, and the money goes to various charities. But when the school’s headmaster, Paul Schneider, decided to direct last week’s giving to the American Red Cross to help the Haitian relief effort, the weekly tally jumped to $4,600.

“A fair amount of it was from children cracking open their piggybanks,” Schneider told JTA.

Over the past week, the American Jewish community has cracked open its collective piggybank as Jewish organizations small and large have raised millions of dollars to help in the relief effort following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that shattered Port-au-Prince last week, killing an estimated tens of thousands in Haiti.

Dozens of Jewish organizations from the Reform movement to the Orthodox Union have set up links on their Web sites for constituents to donate money toward the relief effort.



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The Jewish Chronicle: Jewish rescue crew saves eight Haitian students

A rescue crew of Israeli and Mexican Jews pulled eight Haitian students from the rubble of their collapsed university building this weekend as Jewish efforts on behalf of this earthquake ravaged country continue.

In what its team leader called the "Shabbat from Hell," a six-man crew from ZAKA International (four Israelis and two Mexicans), dispatched to a collapsed eight-story university building upon its arrival in Haiti, heard cries from the trapped students, according to a statement from the relief organization.

After hours of work with rescue equipment provided by the Mexican military, the ZAKA volunteers pulled the eight students alive from the rubble, 38 hours after the building collapsed in last week's earthquake.



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JTA: Jewish groups, Israel mobilizing aid for Haiti quake

NEW YORK (JTA) -- As the death toll mounts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the organized Jewish world is lining up support for the rescue and relief effort in the region.

With Haiti’s government struggling to cope with the aftermath of Tuesday’s quake, which officials in Port-au-Prince said may have killed thousands, governments and relief agencies from around the world are pouring into the impoverished Caribbean country to help rescue thousands believed to be trapped under the rubble.



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