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February 18, 2011: JCPA Commends Administration for Use of Veto in UN

05:30 PM Feb 18, 2011

JCPA Commends Administration for Use of Veto in UN

Responsibility for Peace Talks Remains with Israelis and Palestinians

The United States today stood firmly on the side of peace in the Middle East when it cast a veto to prevent adoption of a UN Security Council resolution that singled out Israel for condemnation, said the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. This action reflects a U.S. commitment to facilitate direct negotiations between the parties to achieve the goal of two states, rather than being sidetracked by counterproductive initiatives in a forum that has shown consistent bias against Israel.

“Today, the US cast its veto to advance the cause of peace and scuttle an effort to use the UN’s diplomatic power to bias and blame,” said JCPA Chair Dr. Conrad Giles. “Our goal remains the same: two states, the Jewish state of Israel and a state of Palestine, living side-by-side in security and peace.  US led bilateral talks are the best path forward. The resolution today would have been a distraction from serious efforts for peace by casting aspersions, and alienating potential partners.  Despite the efforts by some to cast Israel as the sole obstacle, the truth remains that deliberate and respectful talks between the two parties is the only pathway for peace.  Outside condemnations and prejudgments undermine the hard work of sitting at the table and charting a shared course forward.”

“The UN is simply the wrong forum in which to settle these issues. One-sided and myopic resolutions that single out one party and one issue, such as the one considered by the Security Council today, ignore the complexity of the negotiations,” said JCPA President Rabbi Steve Gutow. “Talks cannot progress when the international community begins by blaming Israel. In standing alone on this vote, the US voiced a desire to resume direct talks, the only method of achieving peace. We have appreciated the leadership of the US in calling for a return to talks, and especially the Members of Congress from both parties who opposed today’s distracting vote. We hope to see all of the nations who voted for today’s resolution to contribute even greater energy to supporting a meaningful, bilateral peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians that has the best hope for sustainable and secure peace.” 

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