On Friday December 14, a gunman armed with three high-powered firearms and high-capacity magazines walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Hundreds of shots were fired and twenty first-graders, ages six and seven, and six educators were killed.

This violent and horrific event aimed at children shocks our conscience and country. Our hearts are broken, our souls weep, and our arms are outstretched to the families of the victims, the survivors, the first responders, and the entire community of Newtown, Connecticut. In just the last few months, we have seen shootings at schools, malls, theaters, and houses of worship. We are pained and dismayed by the pandemic of gun violence, far exceeding other western nations, and we will not accept it.

Our tradition teaches us of the sanctity of life and how each and every person is created in the divine image. We must directly confront gun violence so that our nation is not marked nor the years measured by senseless massacres. We will not allow the intense emotion we feel now to return to a place of complacency where we become desensitized to the atrocities that unfold around us daily. We must come together to build a society worthy of those lost and a culture that represents our best virtues.

We stand committed to working with our local, state, and national leaders to squarely address these issues and honor the victims, survivors, and their families. We recognize the right of Americans to own guns, but we do not accept the current state of affairs. We stand united and call on our leaders to support comprehensive action, including meaningful legislation to limit access to assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines, aggressive enforcement of firearm regulations, robust efforts to ensure that every person in need has access to quality mental health care, and a serious national conversation about violence in media and games.

We, the undersigned, ask that President Obama, Congress, and every citizen to take direct and unequivocal action to stop the outrageous and unacceptable violence that is destroying the fabric of our society.

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17673 Thu Aug 14 15:36:46 EDT 2014 Joel Kravetz Stoughton, MA
17672 Thu Jun 12 11:21:51 EDT 2014 Elisabeth Catalano Freeland, MD
17671 Wed Jun 11 15:40:37 EDT 2014 Barbara Lipkin Naperville, IL
17670 Thu Jun 05 09:20:40 EDT 2014 William J. Blake Akron, OH In memory of Jamail E. Johnson (02/06/2011) Youngstown, Ohio
17669 Mon May 26 17:37:07 EDT 2014 GINA Hilson Greener Palm Harbor, FL
17668 Sun May 04 17:23:06 EDT 2014 A A Bellevue, CA If you're interested in this issue, you should know about jpfo.org: http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/about.htm
17667 Sat Mar 15 14:54:06 EDT 2014 Tina Martinez If Congress won't get behind sensible gun legislation to protect our children & communities we will get a new Congress and stop the NRA
17666 Sat Mar 15 02:01:14 EDT 2014 Gail Lehmann Ridgefield, CT ENOUGH is ENOUGH
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