On December 2, two assailants – in assault-style gear and with high-powered firearms – entered a social services agency in San Bernardino California. They killed 14 people at a holiday party and injured 21 others. Just a few days earlier, a heavily armed gunman stormed a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado Springs, Colorado leaving three dead and another 7 wounded. These are just two of the 353 mass shootings in the United States during 2015.

Our tradition teaches us of the sanctity of life and how each and every person is created in the divine image. We must directly confront gun violence so that our nation is not marked nor the years measured by senseless massacres.

No American should have to live in terror, knowing a gunman with a semi-automatic rifle could walk into any building and kill dozens. No American should have to die that way. It is up to all of us to prevent this butchery and bring a sliver of justice to victims.

We stand united and call on our leaders to support comprehensive action, including meaningful legislation to limit access to assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines, aggressive enforcement of firearm regulations, and strengthen social services that can help identify troubling behaviors and intercede when necessary. We refuse to accept a dystopian vision of America where schools, social service agencies, houses of worship, community centers, shopping malls, theaters, and other venues are locked-down and fortified, or where our public and community spaces are the sites of carnage.

We, the undersigned, ask that President Obama, Congress, and every citizen to take direct and unequivocal action to stop the outrageous and unacceptable violence that is destroying the fabric of our society.
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1026 Wed Jul 12 13:34:47 EDT 2017 Joel Trupin Marshfield, VT Don't blame it on our Constitution. It gives militia the right to have guns, not every citizen. Interpreting otherwise is wrong. And the constitution may be amended.
1025 Mon Jun 26 09:49:34 EDT 2017 Suzanne Ehrmann Glendale, CA
1024 Thu Jun 22 17:32:39 EDT 2017 Debbie Zoller Allentown, PA
1023 Thu Jun 22 17:25:44 EDT 2017 June Fischer Clark, NJ June S Fischer
1022 Wed Jun 21 19:52:08 EDT 2017 Carol Silberg Naples , FL
1021 Sun Jun 18 10:56:33 EDT 2017 Bob Spitzer Longboat Key, FL
1020 Thu Jun 15 21:51:00 EDT 2017 Jill Sandler Boca Raton, FL
1019 Thu Jun 15 13:54:45 EDT 2017 Ina Lubin Kingston, PA
1018 Thu Jun 15 13:51:48 EDT 2017 Louise Leverant Phoenix, AZ Please consider the dire affect passage of the AHCA (H.R.1628) will have on medicaid recipients and the organization that work to support them. Please VOTE NO on this bill. YOU CAN DO BETTER More....
1017 Tue Jun 13 12:38:01 EDT 2017 Melanie Roth Gorelick New York, NY
1016 Sun Apr 17 14:26:42 EDT 2016 Stephen Garfinkel Bethesda, MD
1015 Fri Jan 01 14:27:56 EST 2016 Gustine Matt Highland Park, NJ
1014 Mon Dec 28 14:36:41 EST 2015 Agnes Lebovic Warminster, PA
1013 Sat Dec 26 19:20:46 EST 2015 Sharyn Fuchs Rockville, MD
1012 Sat Dec 26 19:20:46 EST 2015 Sharyn Fuchs Rockville, MD
1011 Sat Dec 26 18:10:16 EST 2015 Iris Schachter Flushing, NY
1010 Fri Dec 25 13:43:42 EST 2015 Carole Kainen Las Vegas, NV It's time we actually act. No more high volume magazine ammunition or assault weapons. We need better legislation and enforcement in place for who can get a gun permit and how those guns can be used.
1009 Thu Dec 24 13:37:38 EST 2015 maggie ferber HIGHLAND PARK, NJ
1008 Wed Dec 23 16:23:46 EST 2015 Jon Shafran Highland Mills, NY Yes please do what you can to limit the guns out there on the streets
1007 Tue Dec 22 19:45:25 EST 2015 Marjorie Cogan Seattle, WA
1006 Tue Dec 22 17:08:07 EST 2015 Shirley Morrison Windsor, CT
1005 Sat Dec 19 20:55:27 EST 2015 Samuel L. Smith Kendall, FL
1004 Fri Dec 18 21:08:48 EST 2015 Amanda Bryman NY
1003 Fri Dec 18 10:29:44 EST 2015 Susan Weiss Bethesda, MD
1002 Fri Dec 18 07:25:13 EST 2015 Joanne Skop Merrick, NY This violence must stop. As a teacher, help me protect my students. No more guns!
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