The Jewish Petition for a Just Farm Bill

As Congress works to reauthorize the Farm Bill, the JCPA is committed to protecting and strengthening important anti-hunger and nutrition programs. 1 in 6 Americans currently lives in a household that is struggling to put food on the table. The Farm Bill offers a critical opportunity to evaluate the programs that assist hungry Americans and find ways to best serve those struggling each day with poverty and hunger.  Sign the electronic petition TODAY and urge Members of Congress to support a just Farm Bill.

Our Jewish texts and teachings obligate us to challenge the injustice of hunger, champion the right to food and promote stewardship of the land. Our nation's food and agricultural policies—many contained in the U.S. Farm Bill—have a profound impact on countless lives in the U.S. and across the globe.

The Farm Bill debate provides us with the opportunity to build a better food system. I want American food and agricultural policies to reflect my Jewish values. I urge you to enact policies that pursue long-term approaches to eradicating hunger by protecting the most vulnerable, promoting sustainable land use and investing in resilient local food systems.
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