The Hunger Seder Haggadah that MAZON and JCPA have created provides the template for the Seder experience.  Crafted on the foundation of a traditional Seder, it includes teachings, insights, and information that bring issues of hunger into the prayers, readings, and discussions around the Seder table. 

Seder Planning Guide

This guide outlines the details about the MAZON/JCPA Hunger Seder, and provides some available resources and opportunities that may help you plan and host a Hunger Seder at your synagogue, JCRC, or community agency.

Supplemental Reading

A two page insert for your Haggadah with facts about poverty and hunger in America.

Additional Materials

 The 8 Myths of Hunger - a handout that dispels eight common misperceptions about hugner and its causes, which you can use to initiate dialogue among your Seder participants

The Impact of Sequestration on WIC

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