Fighting Poverty with Faith: Food Stamp Challenge 2011 - Participant Registration

In 2011, Fighting Poverty with Faith is "Working Together to End Hunger." We enlist the moral authority and organizing power of the coordinated faith community to move individuals and communities to action and advocate for clear, immediate policy solutions to address the root causes of poverty.

Join us today by participating in the Food Stamp Challenge - a challenge to live for 1 week on the average food stamp allotment. Leaders and community members across the nation are taking the Food Stamp Challenge in order to help them better understand how the program works on a personal level and to highlight the continued need for and importance of feeding programs to alleviate hunger in the United States.

For one week, from Thursday, October 27th through Thursday, November 3rd, participants will live on the nationwide average food stamp benefit. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for administering the Food Stamp Program, the nationwide average monthly benefit in 2010 was $133.79, approximately $4.50 a day or $1.50 a meal.

Why a Food Stamp Challenge? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP (aka Food Stamps), currently helps nearly 45 million low-income people purchase food for their families – that’s 1 in 7 Americans. The program is designed as a safety net to help ensure that people have access to food during difficult times, with the majority of people leaving the program within nine months. More than half of food stamp recipients are children and eight percent are over 60 years of age. Recently, SNAP and similar feeding programs have been under attack; now is the time to say "enough." There should not be hunger in the United States, and we must ensure the SNAP program, and similar feeding programs, are protected during the budgeting process and the re-authorization of the Farm Bill in 2012.

Please note: If you are unable to take the challenge during the aforementioned week, but would like to participate at a different time, please sign this contract and email Elana Fox to coordinate the dates of your Food Stamp Challenge with Fighting Poverty with Faith. Elana can be reached by email, efox[at]thejcpa[dot]org, or at 202-212-6037 with any questions.

I will participate in the Fighting Poverty with Faith Food Stamp Challenge from October 27th – November 3rd, 2011 (or on similar dates), according to the guidelines set forth below.

Participation Guidelines
1. Each person can only spend a total of $31.50 on food and beverages during the Challenge week - this translates to $4.50 per day, or $1.50 per meal.
2. All food purchased and eaten during the Challenge week, including fast food and dining out must be included in the total spending.
3. During the Challenge, eat only food that you purchase for the project. Do not eat food that you already own (this does not include spices and condiments).
4. Avoid accepting free food from friends, family, or at work, including food at receptions or coffee in the office
5. Please keep track of receipts on food spending and take note of your experiences throughout the week.
6. Share your Food Stamp Challenge by writing an op-ed for your local newspaper, blogging, sharing a reflection on the Fighting Poverty with Faith website, advocating for feeding programs, and more.
7. Donate the additional money you would have spent on food during this week to a local food bank or anti-hunger advocacy organization (optional).

Note: You may find it difficult to complete the Challenge due to schedule or the limited budget. It will still be important and worthwhile to track your experiences.
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580 Thu Apr 04 12:51:37 EDT 2013 Theresa Jones Columbus , OH As off two year ago my father left me in the street with nothing . I have been fighting just for the basic things the best thing is to work hard to over come what people say about you and never give up More....
579 Sun Nov 06 13:03:03 EST 2011 Alice Patience Morrow, OH I intend to provide recipes and, small baskets of ingredients, and a crockpot of sample soup/stew at my local food pantry, in order to assist families in preparing inexpensive, nutritious meals. My challenge More....
578 Thu Nov 03 14:32:56 EDT 2011 Elizabeth Haughn Lafayette, IN A limited budget has given me the opportunity to be a creative and flexible grocery shopper, though I've probably spent more than 31.50 each week. Through this challenge I will journal my expenditures More....
577 Wed Nov 02 16:16:30 EDT 2011 farah paul providence, RI
576 Wed Nov 02 13:51:51 EDT 2011 Sandra Rodriguez Clifton , NJ I can't imagine living off of $1.50 a day, much less trying to live a healthy lifestyle with that much to spend. I have a one year old child and the thought of trying to make ends meet for her and myself More....
575 Wed Nov 02 13:51:42 EDT 2011 Sandra Rodriguez Clifton , NJ I can't imagine living off of $1.50 a day, much less trying to live a healthy lifestyle with that much to spend. I have a one year old child and the thought of trying to make ends meet for her and myself More....
574 Tue Nov 01 23:34:35 EDT 2011 bridgette julius st. thomas, VI
573 Tue Nov 01 17:27:34 EDT 2011 Claire Collins San Jose, CA
572 Tue Nov 01 17:27:32 EDT 2011 Claire Collins San Jose, CA
571 Cindy Elder Barrington, RI
570 Amanda Schanfield Brooklyn, NY
569 christina sutton jackson, MS
568 Aliza Kline Boston, MA
567 Yael Goldschmidt South Bend, IN
566 Ronna Fox Beachwood, OR
565 Brian Greene Somerville, MA
564 Christine Johnson Gnadenhutten , OH
563 Jenn Polish Bayside, NY
562 Laura Poyneer Kent, WA
561 Molsie Sims San Marcos, TX
560 Mark Ortiz Santa Fe, NM
559 Dona McDonough Elizabethtown, PA
558 Marlyne Freedman Tucson, AZ
557 Jean Ann Campana Monroe, MI
556 glenna mazel warwick, RI
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