JCRCs Around the Country Using ENGAGE!

JCPA launched the ENGAGE program with a group of JCRC’s that are testing the program and developing new web strategies for Community Relations Councils to use the web.  Our first cohort includes the JCRCs in Baltimore, Detroit, MetroWest NJ, Milwaukee and San Antonio. 

To see how ENGAGE can be used by JCRCs, we take a closer look at two specific communities.  The Detroit and Baltimore JCRCs have taken advantage of the ENGAGE system to make grassroots advocacy seamless, easy, and effective for their community members.   Through the Detroit JCRC’s website, visitors can effortlessly contact their state legislature, governor and Congressional representatives by simply entering their information and message into form inputs.  The Detroit JCRC has also used the ENGAGE technology for more specific campaigns – for example, community members can write letters concerning captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to the Egyptian ambassador as well as to both houses of Congress.  The Baltimore JCRC has used ENGAGE to allow community members to contact various government officials on a range of advocacy issues, including the Community Innovations for Aging in Place program, Human Relations—Discrimination in Housing—Reasonable Accommodation for Religious Practices bill, and the winter 2008 situation in Gaza.