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As time goes on, the threat of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons capability increases.  Many observers believe that 2010 will be a crucial year in the effort to prevent this development.  In 2009-2010, the IAI dramatically expanded its efforts to mobilize communities on the issue of Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Protecting Florida's Investment Act

by Israel Advocacy Initiative, Iran

On June 8, 2007 the Protecting Florida's Investment Act ("PFIA") was signed into law. The PFIA requires the State Board of Administration ("SBA"), acting on behalf of the Florida Retirement System Trust Fund (the "FRSTF"), to assemble and publish a list of "Scrutinized Companies" that have prohibited business operation in the Sudan and Iran. Once placed on the list of Scrutinized Companies, the SBA and its investment managers will be prohibited from acquiring those companies' securities and may be required to divest those securities if the companies do not cease the prohibited activities or take certain compensating actions. The implementation of the PFIA by the SBA will not affect the FRSTF investments in U.S. Companies. The PFIA will soley affect foreign companies with certain business operations in Sudan and Iran involving the petroleum or energy sector, oil or mineral extraction, power production or military support activities. Click here for more.


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