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It's time to take action on gun violence

On December 2, our nation faced yet another senseless mass shooting: two assailants gunned down 14 people and injured another 17 at a holiday party in San Bernardino, California. This marks the second shooting in the last two weeks. On November 27, a lone gunman killed 3 people and injured 9 at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. We must end these incidents of mass violence.   

Take Action

No one should have to live in terror, knowing a gunman with a semi-automatic rifle could walk into a public place and kill dozens.  Now is the time for our public officials to take action.

While opinion polls indicate broad support for governmental regulation on firearms, state legislatures and Congress have all too often been hesitant to enact much needed guns safety legislation. No community, no segment of society, is safe from gun violence. Join us in urging President Obama, Members of Congress, and every citizen to take direct and unequivocal action to stop the outrageous and unacceptable violence that is destroying the fabric of our society. 


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