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Host a Hunger Seder

Jews and Politics
Miral at UN
What's a Hunger Seder?
Members of Congress and Jewish Leaders at the 2010 National Hunger Seder
The JCPA is excited to officially launch the 2011 Hunger Seder, an engaging, easy-to-run Passover program about hunger in the United States. In late March and April 2011, JCRCs across the country will host Hunger Seders to celebrate the success of the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act, educate community members about the continued challenge of hunger in the U.S., and provide action and advocacy opportunities for deepened engagement in overcoming hunger.

These Seders will be highlighted at the National Hunger Seder, where elected officials, anti-hunger advocates, and faith community leaders will join together to raise up our collective voice against hunger and urge Congress to continue funding vital feeding programs such as SNAP (food stamps) and WIC (Women, Infants and Children). The National Hunger Seder will take place on Thursday, April 14 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

JCPA hunger-related Passover programs are a proven success – over 40 communities participated in the JCPA’s 2009 and 2010 Child Nutrition Seders and these Seders and related advocacy helped secure the passage of the Child Nutrition Act in November 2010. Additionally, the JCPA’s Passover anti-hunger advocacy was recognized by US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in a national op-ed.

There are already over 20 communities participating in the 2011 JCPA Hunger Seders mobilization – and we want your community to participate, too! Please contact your local JCRC staff and board members and urge them to plan a Hunger Seder and partner with other community organizations, such as food banks or JCCs, to plan the Hunger Seder and encourage anti-hunger action and advocacy. If you would like more information about the Hunger Seder program and how to plan one for your community, contact Elana Fox (
efox@thejcpa.org, 202-212-6037).

If you are planning a Hunger Seder or know of another organization planning a Hunger Seder, please
email Elana so we can be sure to include the Seder in the JCPA’s national media outreach and materials distribution.

How Do Jews Vote
What are Jewish voting patterns?
We are inviting you to join a new survey designed to explore Jewish political behavior.

This study encompasses a number of variables (age, education, civic involvement, levels of activism, political and religious affiliation etc...). It is designed in part to explore the scope and intensity of political involvement.

As a basis of this study, we are asking a number of core questions:
●    Are Jewish voting patterns changing?
●    What motivates political engagement on the part of Jews?
●    What issues are of particular interest to Jews?
●    How do Jews see the political landscape in 2011?

We would welcome your assistance in distributing this survey to as wide a circle of Jewish voters or potential voters as is possible.  

Unlike many surveys conducted with Jewish voters, this is designed to measure grassroots involvement, drawing upon large and diverse segments of the Jewish electorate. So by generating a large sample, it may be possible to confirm or reject existing perceptions about how Jews vote and the levels and forms of their political engagement.

Each participant will only be able to complete the survey once. The survey can be taken on-line. It will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete. No one need submit his/her name. You must be at least 18 years old to participate.  

For those who do not wish to answer on-line, a word-document format of this survey can be provided, allowing an individual to download and complete the questionnaire to then mail back.  Please email Dr. Windmueller to receive a copy.

The deadline for submission will be April 1.

Should you or any one participating in the study have concerns or questions, these may be directed to swindmueller@ca.rr.com.

All of our findings will be shared with institutions and individuals who request copies of the research.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to distribute this survey.

Miral at UN
The United Nations
Several Jewish organization have spoken out against the United Nations General Assembly serving as the venue for the U.S. premiere of Miral, a political movie that provides the audience with a Palestinian-only narrative of the conflict. The Anti-Defamation League, a national member agency of the JCPA, viewed the film and said, “the storyline distorts historical facts about Israel in some instances, and in others lacks any context for some of the acts attributed to Israel.”  The American Jewish Committee, also a JCPA national member agency, asked “why the President of the General Assembly would wish to associate himself -- and the prestige of his office -- with such a blatantly one-sided event.” 
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