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Rally for International Action in Sudan

Friday- August 5th, 2011 

East 47th St between 1st + 2nd Avenues

1:00 pm to 4:00pm

ON FRIDAY August 5 from 1 - 4, The people of Nuba Mountains, Abyei and Darfuris whose friends and relatives have been targeted by Sudanese armed forces, including Sudanese diaspora from around the United States, will stand in Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza to call attention to the unfolding genocide in the Nuba mountains, the ongoing genocide in Darfur, and the assault on free expression and justice throughout Sudan.

One speaker will be the Bishop of Kadugli, a leading human rights activist from the region. We will be joined by other Sudanese and American activists from across the country, some of whom will have driven over 18 hours to bear witness to what has been happening to the marginalized peoples of Sudan.

The rally will call for the following actions in Sudan:

  • End all attacks in Sudan that violate international humanitarian law, including deliberate attacks on civilians and indiscriminate aerial bombings; and hold all those responsible to account, regardless of rank.
  • Extend the UNMIS mandate: The Sudanese government is attempting to end the 2005 UNMIS mandate but UNMIS presence is clearly needed after August 3ed , with chapter 7 mandate.
  • Fulfill obligations to cooperate with the ICC, including surrendering to the court those subject to ICC arrest warrants, such as President al-Bashir and imposed governor and indicted war criminal Ahmed Haroun.
  • No-Fly Zone: The immediate imposition of a No Fly Zone in Nuba Mountains/South Kordofan States and in the Darfur region is needed to protect civilians from bombings.
  • Call on the Sudanese government to ensure unfettered access by UNAMID peacekeepers and humanitarian actors to all parts of Sudan including those most affected by conflict.
  • Protection of Nuba People/ Darfur/Abyei: The immediate demand is for the disarmament of the dangerous Popular Defense Force (PDF) in Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, and removal of Sudanese government militias and Janjiwid militias in Darfur.
  • End the harassment, detention and torture of journalists, human rights workers, and activists, and call for their immediate release.
  • End the Sudanese government policy of dismantling IDP camps in Darfur and of deliberately preventing food, water and medical supplies to reach civilians as a weapon of war in Darfur, S. Kordofan and all affected areas of Sudan.
We hope that by standing in front of the United Nations with families of the victims, the international community will finally hold to account the Sudanese government which has in the last 2 decades committed 4 genocides, one in South Sudan in the 1980s-2005, one in the Nuba mountains in the 1980s and 1990s, one in Darfur from 2003 until the present, and now a second time in the Nuba mountains and Abyei. Collectively, these crimes have resulted in the deaths of nearly 3 million people, the largest state-sponsored ethnic killing since WWII.

Contact:   Magid Kabash: (347) 579-5111           Email:  kuku66kuku@yahoo.com  

                  Abdelagadir Kurba: (347) 981-9392   Email:  mandalk65@gmail.com

Nuba Mountains Advocacy Group (NMAG).
Nuba Mountains International Association       
Darfur Peoples Association of New York  (DPANY).
Abyei Ngok Community Association in the U.S.
Beja Congress – D.C. Chapter
New York City Coalition for Darfur (NYCD)
Darfur Human Rights Organization
Blue Nile Association
Nubia  Project

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