Urge Your Representative to Support Programs for Jobless Workers

In February 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1/S. 1). This legislation included measures to help families during the recession, including a crucial extension of unemployment benefits to help long-term unemployed workers who continue to have difficulty finding work in this weak job market. Without unemployment insurance, 3.3 million Americans, including 1 million children, would have fallen below the poverty line in 2009 alone. With five unemployed workers for every job available, the economy is not yet growing at a rate to meet the demand of workers seeking jobs. Until robust economic growth is restored, the federal government must continue to ensure that help is provided so that more families do not fall victim to poverty.

Federal unemployment benefits expired on November 30th. 2 million workers face elimination of benefits. Another 400,000 workers laid off in the past six months will reach the end of their state unemployment insurance benefit allotment and will no longer be eligible for federal emergency unemployment benefits.