E-Postcard to President Obama

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs, as a leader of the 2010 Fighting Poverty with Faith national mobilization, is sponsoring an e-postcard campaign to push President Obama to publicly re-state his commitment to cutting poverty in half in the next 10 years during his 2011 State of the Union address.

Dear President Obama,

I am greatly concerned about the increase in poverty that has resulted from the recession. The recently released 2009 Census Bureau statistics on poverty reveal that we now have the highest rate of poverty in the past 15 years. In response to this crisis, I request that your Administration publicly re-state your commitment to cutting domestic poverty in half over the next ten years during the 2011 State of the Union speech. Such a high profile statement will help elevate the fight against poverty to the priority it requires. In addition, I believe you should work with Congress to protect safety net programs and pass effective job creation legislation. Achieving these objectives is critical to the wellbeing of millions of Americans.

As a member of the faith community, and a supporter of the Fighting Poverty with Faith mobilization, I look forward to working alongside your Administration in pursuit of these goals.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs' Confronting Poverty campaign addresses Jewish engagement in anti-poverty service, activism and advocacy.  The campaign's dual goals are to work to halve domestic poverty by 2020, and to put poverty back at the top of the Jewish communal agenda.

Fighting Poverty with Faith is a diverse coalition of national and local faith organizations dedicated to cutting domestic poverty in half by 2020.  To accomplish this goal, we are working aggressively to focus new attention to the causes of poverty, highlight strategies to reduce poverty, and create economic opportunities.  The Fighting Poverty with Faith 2010 mobilization will focus on two key strategies:

1.       Protecting critical human needs programs during these challenging economic times; and


2.       Advocating for new policies that enable more families to find employment and move toward economic self-sufficiency.