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Statement on Civility

In American society, especially in our diverse Jewish community, we value robust and vigorous debate about pressing issues. Such debate is one of the greatest features of our democracy and one of the hallmarks of our people. We revel in our tradition of debate: A frank and civil exchange of ideas helps to inform our decisions, provoke new ways of thinking, and sometimes even change our minds.

And yet today, the expression and exchange of views is often an uncivil, highly unpleasant experience. Community events and public discussions are often interrupted by raised voices, personal insults, and outrageous charges. Such incivility serves no purpose but to cheapen our democracy. When differences spiral down into uncivil acrimony, the dignity of individuals and community is diminished, and our precious democracy is weakened. People holding diverse views cease to listen to each other. Lack of civility makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to open minds, much less find common ground.

Therefore we as a community and as individuals, must pledge to uphold the basic norms of civil discussion and debate at our public events. We do this not to stifle free expression of views, but rather to protect it.

We will discover civility in the guarding of our tongues and the rejection of false witness. We will find it wherever we show care for the dignity of every human being, even those with whom we may strongly disagree. We will find it by listening carefully when others speak, seeking to understand what is being said and trying to learn from it.

This pursuit has deep roots in Torah and in our community’s traditions. Our Sages saw the fruit of arguments that were conducted l’shem shamayim, “for the sake of Heaven.” They fervently believed that great minds, engaged in earnest search and questioning, could find better and richer solutions to the problems they faced. They refrained from insisting on uniformity. They sought to preserve and thereby honor the views of the minority as well as the majority. They did so through their understanding of the great teaching of Eilu v’elu divrei Elokim chayim, “both these words and those are the words of the living God.”

As a community, we must commit ourselves and ask others to open their hearts and minds to healthy, respectful dialogue based on our love for our neighbors and our people.

We therefore agree to treat others with decency and honor and to set ourselves as models for civil discourse, even when we disagree with each other.

We commit ourselves to this course to preserve an essential element of a community – the ability to meet and talk as brothers and sisters.

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Current Signatories (organizations for affiliation purposes)

Rabbi Scott Aaron
Shirley B. Aaron
Joel Abramson, B'nai Israel of Southbury
Heleen Abramson, JCRC
Batya Abramson-Goldstein, JCRC of St. Louis
Phyllis S. Ackerman
Beth Adelman, JCRC of the Jewish Federation Of Greater Dayon
John Ademan
Rabbi Alison Adler
Rona F. Aduna, Congregation Beth Am
Rabbi Aura Ahuvia, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Jennifer Aisenberg, JESNA
Danna Albright
Nebi Alemu
Miryam Alfandari, JCALL
Rabbi Daniel Allen, Association of Reform Zionists of America
Ellen S. Alper, National Council of Jewish Women-St. Louis Section
Fran Alpert
Benjamin Alter, Greenfaith
Rabbi Joel A. Alter, Baltimore
Martin Alter
Dr. Barbara W. Altman, Levine Academy of Dallas
Joyce Altman, Jewish Community Relations Council
Roselyn L. Altman, Reconstructionist Temple Beth Israel
Gordon L. Amgott
Barbara Amper
Sarah Angrist, Congregation Dor Hadash
Carol M. Anshien, SAJ New York
Esther Arlan, Hadassah
Darien Arnstein, National Council of Jewish Women - Missouri
Gideon Aronoff, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
Raquel Ary - De Rozza
Elaine F. Asarch, Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado
Iris G. Astrof, Cong Beth-El Massapequa NY
Rabbi Gary L. Atkins, Beth Hillel Synagogue
James August
Marya Axner, New England Jewish Labor Committee
Keren Ayalon, Hillel at the University of Oklahoma
Vivian S. Azar
Shirley A. Backer
Rick Baer, Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth Congregation Memphis TN
Kathrine Ann Bailey
Andrew Bailis, ACI, YIS
Julie Bailit
Ginny Baird, Women's Philanthropy of Silicon Valley Federation and Hadassah
Carol Baldridge
Professor Marian G. Barchilon, ASU
Marilyn B. Bargteil, B'nai B'rith International
Bob Barkin, Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Rabbi Benjamin H. Barnett, Beit Am Jewish Community
Nancy Barnett
MARTIN A. Baron, Hadassah
James M. Barrens, thejusticefactory.Org
Simmy S. Barrocas
Sally S. Barron
Caren Bar-Zvi
Vincent C. Baseler
Ellen Basile
Rabbi Aviva Bass
Rabbi Lia Bass, Congregation Etz Hayim
Nancy Bate
Rabbi Rachel Tamar Bat-Or, Cong Sha'arey Israel
Rabbi David Dunn Bauer, Pacific School of Religion
Einat Bauman, JCRC of Silicon Valley
Barbara Baumann
Barbara Bayer
Dr. Edward S. Beck, SPME
Esther S. Beck
Rabbi Birdie Becker, Temple Emanuel, Pueblo
Dr. Jeffrey Bedrick
Dr. Ben Belkind
Sarah Beller, J Street
Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street
Karen Bender, Temple Judea
Susan K. Benesch, CRC of Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
Rabbi James M. Bennett, Congregation Shaare Emeth
Eli V. Berger, Jewish Federation
Joanna Berger, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
Pael S. Berger
Stuart A. Berger, Jewish Federation of Pinellas & Pasco Counties
Jan Bergman
Jules Bergman
Steffanie Bergman
Lois R. Berkson, Hadassah
Rabbi Donald R. Berlin, Temple Oheb Shalom, Baltimore, MD
Rabbi Saul Berman, Stern College, Yeshiva University
Sylvia Berman-Peck, The Hillels of Illinois
Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, Kol Ami: The Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community
Elise Bernhardt, Foundation for Jewish Culture
Suzan Berns, JCRC
David Bernstein
Lise Bernstein
Marion H. Bernstein, Congregation Beth Am
Mark W. Bernstein, Hundreds of Heads Media
Julie L. Bernstein, Jewish Community Relations Council - San Francisco
Rabbi Linda E. Bertenthal, Union for Reform Judaism
Bruce S. Beyer, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona
Donna Beyer, JCRC Tucson AZ
Rabbi ElizaBeth Beyer, Temple Beth Or
Ruth F. Bickhardt
Alfred Bien
Janet Bienenfeld, UJA-Federation of New York
Hollie K. Bierman, Hillel of San Diego
Leslie E. Billet, UJANNJ
Nan Birdwhistell
Betsy Blakeslee
Carol Blau, Jewish Federation of Rockland County
Steven Blauer
Jerry Blaz
Judy G. Bloom, JCF of SF, the peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties
Star Bloom, Bama Hillel
Dr. Stephen Bloomfield
Douglas W. Blum, Providence College
Dr. Sherry H. Blumberg
Michelle Blumenberg
Susan Blumenthal, Jewish Community Relations Council - San Antonio
Kenneth Bob, Ameinu
Rabbi David I. Bockman, Congregation Beth Shalom, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
Rabbi Joshua A. Boettiger, Congregation Beth El
David R. Bohm, St. Louis JCRC, JCPA
Joan C. Bohm
Rob Bohm
Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton, Congregation Beit Tikvah
Howard Borer, Jewish Federation of Central MA
Rabbi Neal Borovitz, Temple Avodat Shalom and Chair of JCRC of Northern Nj
Edward Bort
Sidra Boshes
Rabbi Andrew I. Bossov
Rabbi Anna Boswell-Levy, Tzedek v'shalom
Dr. Evelyn Botkin
Gayle Bourne, Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass, Inc.
Melanie Bouton
Dr. Marc G. Brandriss, JCRC, Northern New Jersey
Connie A. Braun, JCRC
Jacqueline Braun, Hadassah
Ona Cohn Bregman, Cong Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas
Dr. Adam Breiner, Greater Bridgeport JCCS, and the CT Jewish Academy
Martin I. Bresler, Americans for Peace Now
Michael A. Bressler
Rabbi Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor, Congregation Da'at Elohim - the Temple of Universal Judaism
Rabbi Deborah Brin, Congregation Nahalat Shalom
Barry Broad, Jewish Community Relations Council of the Sacramento Region
Jeremy Brochin
Alison Brody, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco
Rabbi Rick Brody
Robin Brody, Congregation Shaare Emeth
Abe Bromberg
Bayla Bromberg
Arnold Bronson
Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York
Shifra Bronznick, Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community
Matt Brooks, Republican Jewish Coalition
Susan Brooks
Dr. Sarita H. Brouwer
Dale S. Brown
Dr. Erica Brown, Leading with Meaning
Rachel R. Brown
robert I. brown, Metro Detroit JCRC
Sheri Ann Rothstein Brown
Sylvia Brown
Ellen J. Bruck
Joan M. Brundage
Jeremy Burton, JCRC Greater Boston
Ronald E. Burton, Westchester Jewish Council
Benjamin Butler
Joyce Butlien, Jewish Community Board of Akron
Edward S. Buxbaum, Canton Jewish Community Federation
Dennis Byrnes
Margaret B. Cant, Temple Emanu-El, San Jose, CA
Rabbi Debra S. Cantor, Congregation B'nai Sholom
Milton I. Caplan
Rabbi Reba Carmel
Richard M. Carpe, Jewish Federation
Rabbi Bob Carroll, Interfaith Encounter Association
Keren Carter
Liane C. Casten, Beth Emet the Free Synagogue
Mark Charendoff, Jewish Funders Network
Dr. Deborah Chargois
Howard Charish, Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey
Robert Chaykin, JCRC Silicon Valley, Ca
Karen Cheniae
Stanley Chesley, Jewish National Fund
Linda Chessman
Avram A. Chill
Anna Chinappi
Margee Churchon, JCRC
Gary Chuven
Doris Citron
Dr. John J. Clayton
Sasha W. Clayton
Aaron Clayton-Dunn, Brown University
Susan Cobin
Susan P. Coen, NCJW NJ State Public Affairs Network
Naomi Cogan, Claims Conference
Jeffrey Cohan, Community and Public Affairs Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Alan S. Cohen, Temple Emanu-El of Utica, NY
Barbara J. Cohen, Congregation Ahavath Sholom
Barbara J. Cohen, Congregation Ahavath Sholom
Elihu Cohen, Congregation Ner Tamid
Evelyn P. Cohen
Gail R. Cohen, Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass
Hanna Cohen
Herbert J. Cohen, Broward County Jewish Federation
Rabbi Howard A. Cohen
Dr. Howard J. Cohen
Rabbi Jonathan Cohen, Mishkan Torah, Greenbelt MD
Marc L. Cohen
Marion B. Cohen, Shaare Emeth Temple
Martin I. Cohen, UJANNJ
Maxine M. Cohen, San Antonio
Dr. Melvin L. Cohen, San Antonio
Rabbi Michael M. Cohen
Mindy Cohen, LJCC
Myrna D. Cohen
Rabbi Paul Cohen, Temple Jeremiah
Robert Cohen, Jewish Community Relations Council of Metropolitan Detroit
Prof. Steve M. Cohen, Berman Jewish Policy Achive, NYU Wagner
Tamara Cohen
Rabbi Yonatan Cohen, Congregation Beth Israel, Berkeley
Renee Cohen Goodwin, CSUN Hillel
Rabbi Hillel Cohn, Congregation Emanu El, San Bernardino CA
Stanley Cohn
Debra Cole
Amy Cook, Massachusetts
Adrienne J. Cooper, Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring
Cynthia Cooper
Marcia Cooper
Martin E. Cooper, Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
Bruce Corman, Temple Beth Shalom, Austin
Dr. Harry J. Cornbleet, Congregation Beth David
Carol S. Cornell, Hadassah
Craig L. Cowan, Temple Beth Sholom, Salem, Oregon
Rabbi Rachel Cowan, Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Sarrae Crane, Women's League for Conservative Judaism
Ari V Craven
Rabbi Meryl M. Crean, Martins Run
Dr. Bob A. Cropf
Lori Dafilou, Adath Israel
Liora Danan
Gerald Daniel, Congregation Beth David
William Daroff, Jewish Federations of North America
Myrna David, Jewish Community Relations Council
Sunil David Sable
Sheryl Davidow
Etta L. Davis, Shaarei Zedeck, Clinton, MA
Harold D. Davis, Ohev Tzedek
Sarah R. Davis
Elihu D. Davison, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Hannah R. Dayan, Congregation Shaare Emeth
Abigail L. de Padilla,
Rabbi Mona Decker, Congregation Kehillah Chadashah, Jacksonville Florida
Philip Deitch, St. Louis
Akiva DeJack
Debra DeLee, Americans for Peace Now
Patti Dery, Jewish Community Federation
Judy Deutch, Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Nathan Diament, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
Rabbi Mark S. Diamond, Board of Rabbis of Southern California
Judy Diamondstein, Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley
Michael Dine, Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Silicon
Rick Dinitz
Melinda H. DiPrinzio, Congregation Sha'are Shalom
Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation
Mary E. Dobranski
Dr. Francine L. Dolins
Matt Dorf, Washington, D.C.
José Manuel dos Santos, Israël-Update, E.T.V. Family7
Meredith Dragon, Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts
Tyler H. Dratch, United Synagogue Youth
Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus, Central Conference of American Rabbis
Wendy Drezek
Rabbi George B. Driesen, The Institute for Science and Judaism
Rosanne Druian, JAFI
Pat Dubrow, Hadassah
Nancy L. Dudwick, Kol HaLev
Tatyana Dunavetsky, JCRC
Pepi Dunay, Jewish Federation of Broward County
Elaine Durbach, New Jersey Jewish News
Susie Dym, Mattot Arim
Adele Eastman
Madelaine Ann Eaton
Lindsay Eaves, University of Iowa
Chava Egebrecht
Brian Eglash, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Miles B. Ehrenkranz, Connecticut Jewish Academy
Pam Ehrenkranz, UJA Federation of Greenwich
Irene Ehrlich, Temple Social Action Co Chair
Rabbi Amy Eilberg
Claudette Einhorn, Indianapolis JCRC
Chancellor Arnold Eisen, Jewish Theological Seminary
Jonathan S. Eisen
Rosalie Eisen
Daniel K. Eisenbud
Eleanor Elbaum, National Council of Jewish Women, Rhode Island
Rabbi Robert L. Wolkoff, Congregation Bnai Tikvah
David Ellenson, Hebrew Union College
Stephen Ellerin
Rabbi Diane A. Elliot, Wholly Present
Grace B. Ellowitz, Hadassah/Jewish Federation of El Paso
Janet Elman
Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Union for Reform Judaism
Dr. Amiram Elwork
Andrea Elwork
Alan S. Engel, Louisville
Patricia Epstein, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Dallas
M.J. Erdberg, Hadassah
Rabbi Lewis J. Eron, JCRC - Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey
Rabbi Rachel Esserman, The Reporter Group
Rabbi Andrew V. Ettin, Temple Israel, Salisbury, NC
Rev. Paul C. Evans, Metropolitan Community Church
Edith Everett, Everett Family Foundation
Rev. Junie B. Ewing, Presbyterian Church USA
Shelley B. Fagel, ORT America
Judy Failer, Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council
Nancy Falchuk, Hadassah, Women's Zionist Organization of America
Rabbi Susan L. Falk
Stanek Frantisek Fanuel, Bejt Simcha
Halle Farber, Jewish Genetic Diseases Center of Greater Phoenix
Ruth C. Farber, Jewish Community Relations Council of Milwaukee Jewish Federatio
Stephen Fass, Cong Rodph Sholom
Edward A. Feder, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona
Dr. Jack M. Fein, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Leibel Fein, Boston
Irid Feinberg
Rabbi Ed M. Feinstein, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA
ivy Feinstein
Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein, University Synagogue, Los Angeles/Brentwood
Benjamin N. Feldman
Flor Feldman
Jared Feldman, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Jonathan Feldaman
Linda Feldman, Jewish Federation of San Diego County
Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, Union for Reform Judaism
Yacoba A. Feldman
Adam Felson
Ethan Felson, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Edie Feman, NCJW
Remy Fenster
Michael I. Fenton
Sarah B. Ferrin, Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte
Rabbi Michael Fessler, Congregation B'nai Tikvah-Beth Israel
Rabbi Brian Field, Judaism Your Way
Deborah Field, Temple Chai, San Antonio
Randi D. Fields
Mark Finkelstein, JCRC Des Moines Jewish Federation
Barbara L. Finch, JCRC S. Louis
Dr. Debbie Findling, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
Rabbi Arnold Fine, Agudath Israel Congregation
Prof. Lawrence Fine, Mount Holyoke College
Larry W. Fine, Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
Russell M. Finer, Congregation Beth Ahabah
Allan Finkelstein, JCCs of North America
Jeffrey H. Finkelstein, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Rabbi Joshua S. Finkelstein
Rachel Finn, Tuft University
Wayne Firestone, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Rabbi Frank A. Fischer, Beth El Synagogue
Milton D. Fisher
Diane Fisher, Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Silicon
Harvey Fishman
Robert Fishman
Lorraine D. Fitelson
Rabbi Nancy Flam, Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Jessica I. Flamholz
Ari Fleischer, Washington, D.C.
Richard T. Foltin, American Jewish Committee
Prof. Robert P. Forbes, University of Connecticut
Elliot Forchheimer, Westchester Jewish Council
Ira N. Forman, The Solomon Project
Terri Forman
Susan B. Foss, Shaarei Zedeck
Brian Fox, Judaism: On Both Feet
Joel N. Fox, Cleveland
Margo Fox, Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis
Shani Fox
Rabbi Steven A. Fox, Central Conference of American Rabbis
Abraham H. Foxman, Anti-Defamation League
Sherrie Frachtman, ADL - Austin/NCJW/Congregation Beth Israel
Rabbi Adam J. Frank, Congregation Moreshet Yisrael
Carole Frank
Lois Frank, JCPA-Mazon-AJC-National Board member
Leonard J. Frankel, JCRC
Marilyn Frankel, UJA-JCRC
Rabbi Wayne M. Franklin, Temple Emanu-El, Providence
William D. Franklin, The Columbus Jewish Federation
Eileen Freed, Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
Nancy Freedland
Anne G. Freedman
Martin Freedman
Molly Freeman, J Street San Francisco Bay Area
Dr. Harriet Freidenreich
Martin Freimer
Rebecca Freund
Susan Friebert, Jewish Community Relaions Council of Milwaukee
Melody Friedenthal
Marilyn Friedes
Terry Friedkin, Jewish Federation of the EastBay
Art E. Friedman
David Friedman
Helena S. Friedman, Congregation Beth Ahm
Howard M. Friedman, Toledo JCRC
L. Friedman
Linda E. Friedman, JCRC
Dr. Beth H. Friedman-Romell, Knesseth Israel Temple
Jordan Fruchtman, Hillel Foundation of Orange County
Bill Gabovitch, JCRC of Greater Boston
Eileen Gale
Mike Galos
Rabbi Hillel Gamoran
Judith Gamoran
Marla N. Gamoran, Madison
Beth Gansky, Hillel
Laeh-Maggie Garfield, Inward Journeys Europa
Lorraine G. Garland
Aliza E. Garofalo
Arturo I. Garzon, Orga. of American States (R)
Dr. Rela Mintz Geffen
Stephen N. Gell, AJC, JCRC
Michael Gelman, Jewish Federations of North America
Susan Gelman, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
Jerilyn A. Gelt, Jewish Community Relations Council
Rabbi Jeremy D. Gerber, Congregation Ohev Shalom
Steven Gerber, Rabbis for Human Rights-North America
Nancy C. Gerston, JCRC Silicon Valley
Stephanie Gertz
Brenda Gevertz, Jewish Communal Service Association of North America
Rony Ghelerter
Rabbi James A. Gibson, Temple Sinai
Sharon Gibson
Jonathan Gilbert, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
Louise Gilbert
Dr. Conrad L. Giles, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Dr. Lynda Giles, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
Herbert Giller
Dr. Ronald L. Ginsberg, Temple Oheb Shalom, Baltimore, MD
Gerald S. Glazer, Sherman Park Community Assn.
Rabbi Rosalind Glazer, Congregation Beth Israel Judea
Anita Gleimer
Gleitzer Elisabeth
Floyd Glen-Lambert, Jewish Labor Committee Western Region
Rabbi Gail Glicksman, Temple University
Dmitri Daniel Daniel Glinski, UJA-Federation Task Force on Global Jewish Connections
Steve Glushakow-Smith, Chevrei Tzedek
Jackie S. Gmach
Sarita Gocial, JCRC
Robin Godby
Henri E. Goettel, Congregation Beth Torah
Rabbi Dr. Laura Gold
Rabbi Bonnie Goldberg
Helen G. Goldberg
Rabbi Jonas Goldberg, Emeritus, Temple Sinai, Marblehead
Matthew L. Goldberg, Jewish Community of Louisville, Inc.
Bill Goldenberg, Minneapolis
Helen A. Goldenberg
Jill Goldenberg,
Jonas B. Goldenberg, Congregation B'Nai Shalom
Isobel Goldberg Goldman, jewish federation
Michael D. Goldman, Georgetown Unniversity
Sandra Goldman
Susan S. Goldman, Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts
Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell, Temple Concord, Binghamton, NY
Asaf Goldstein, Indianapolis JCRC
Ellen S. Goldstein, Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo
Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein, Hillel of San Diego
Matt Goldstein
Dr. Raymond B. Goldstein, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Wendy Goldstein, JCRC of Greater Toledo
Marcia Goldstone, Indianapolis JCRC
Richard M. Goldwasser, J Street Chicago
Evelyn Gomez, Jewish Federations of North America
Robert D. Goodis
Claire C. Goodman
Idy Goodman, JCRC Milwaukee/Tikun Ha-Ir/JFNA
Jerry Goodman, Ameinu
Rabbi Marvin Goodman, Board of Rabbis - Northern CA
Rabbi Donald Goor, Temple Judea
Dr. Anitra Gordon
Betty Gordon
Dan Gordon
Rabbi Debora S. Gordon, Congregation Berith Sholom
Esther Z. Gordon, JFBC
Rabbi Julie K. Gordon
Rabbi Leonard D. Gordon, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Seema Gorens, Milwaukee Jewish Federation
Marlene Gorin, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Dallas
Steven B. Gorin, Congregation Shaare Emeth
Jennifer S. Gorovitz, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties
Marc E. Gottlieb, Congregation Children of Israel, Augusta, GA
Dr. Sheldon F. Gottlieb
Andrea Gottschall
Linda E. Gould, Temple Avodat Shalom & JCRC Board of UJA
Rabbi Andrea M. Gouze, Temple Shaare Tefilah
Philip Goward, JCL
Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, Kol Tzedek
Mark A. Graber
Rabbi Roberto D. Graetz, Temple Isaiah
Debra Barton Grant, South Bend
Margaret K. Gray, Hadassah Southern Arizona
Rabbi Art Green, Hebrew College- Rabbinical School
Joan F. Green, Jewish Coalition for Literacy
John Green
Dr. Rhoda F. Green
Rabbi Benjamin Greenberg, Harvard University
Blu Greenberg, New York
Cheryl Greenberg, Hartford
Rabbi Irving Greenberg, New York
Martin Greenberg, United Jewish Federation of Greater Stamford, New Canaan and Darien
Nancy Greenberg, Worcester Jewish Community Center
Lisa Greenfield, Hillel
Kimberly B. Greenhall, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
Marjorie L. Gregerman, CRC San Antonio Federation
Marc A. Greidinger, J Street Local
Louise Greilsheimer, UJA-Federation New York
Andrea R. Greyber
Rabbi Yosef Grodsky
Annette Gross
Dayan E. Gross, Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Laurie H. Gross, Jewish Federation of Eastern Fairfield County
Dr. Robert B. Grossman, Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass
Rabbi Susan Grossman, Beth Shalom Congregation, Columbia MD
Rabbi Joshua Z. Gruenberg, Beth El Yardley
Joseph Gurt, Beth Israel Congregation
Rabbi Eric S. Gurvis, Temple Shalom of Newton
David Gutin, JCPA: Philadelphia JCRC
Rabbi Steve Gutow, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Leslie Y. Gutterman, Temple Beth-El
Roberta Gutwein, Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis
Rabbi Robert Haas
Frances L. Hackett
Rabbi Jon R. Haddon, Temple Shearith Israel
Ron Halber, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington
Rabbi Kevin Hale, Beth El, St. Johnsbury, VT
Hetty B. Hall
Rabbi Joshua J. Hammerman, Temple Beth El
Rebecca L. Handler, Beth Am Religous
Lisa J. Sanderson Haney, Jewish Federation of San Diego County
Anat Harrel
Andrea Harris, Silicon Valley CRC
Cheryl Harris
Dr. David J. Harris
David Harris, American Jewish Committee
David A. Harris, National Jewish Democratic Council
Rabbi Maurice Harris, Temple Beth Israel
Sharyn M. Harris
Steven Harrison
Dr. Paul A. Hattis, Dorshei Tzedek
Mathias Hauber
Harry Hauser, North American Association of Synagogue Executives (NAASE)
Stephanie Hausner, Town of Clarkstown
Judith Havas, Temple Beth Sholom
Shirah Hecht
Joshua P. Heffron
Judy Heicklen, Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
Rabbi Joanne Y. Heiligman, Congregation Shalom Aleichem
Sidney M. Helbraun, Temple Beth-El
Hannah Heller, Chevrei Tzedek Congregation
Kenneth J. Heller, Denver JCRC
Dr. Linda L. Heller
Sue E. Heller, Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts
Margot Helphand, Eugene
Alan A. Herman
Bruce C. Herman, Milwaukee Jewish Community Relations Council
De F. Herman, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Ted L. Herselius
Judith M. Hertz, Union for Reform Judaism
Elyse R. Heyman, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Community and Public Aff
Laurie Heymont Heymont Weinberg
Jack M. Hillelsohn
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, National Jewish Ctr. For Learning and Leadership
Barb Hirsch-Giller, Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Adina Adina N. Hirschmann Hirschmann, Temple Emeth
Rabbi Richard Hirsh, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Shoshana Hirsh
Elaine S. Hochheiser, Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey
Judy Hoffman, JCRC of St. Louis
Steve H. Hoffman, Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Elizabeth L. Hollander, J Street RI
Holly Hollander
walter hollander
Norma Hollister
Rabbi Linda J. Holtzman, Mishkan Shalom
Susan A. Hoover, Hadassah
David Horesh
Jeffrey Horner
Rep. Frank D. Hornstein, Minnesota and the Dakotas
Rabbi Brad Horwitz, St. Louis Jewish Community Center
Robert Housman
Judith A. Howell, Coffee Party of Rhode Island
Mark A. Huberman, Ohev Tzedek Temple
Sara Hurwitz, Hebrew Institute of Rhode Islandverdale/Yeshivat Maharat
Marc A. Hyman
Rabbi Miriam E. Hyman, Congregation B'nai Tikvah--Beth Israel
Andie Insoft, Temple Emeth
Rabbi Daniel J. Isaak, Congregation Neveh Shalom
Rabbi Shaya Isenberg, Pnai Or Gainesville
Carl E. Iskow
Richard & Lana Israel,
Dr. Ivan Itkin, Broward Democratic Party
Jan Jaben-Eilon
Susan Jacobi,
Audrey Jacobs, San Diego Israel Coalition
Linda Jacobs
Ann R. Jacobson, CRC ,Jewish Federation of Collier County
Rabbi Burt Jacobson, Kehilla Community Synagogue
Judith S. Jacobson, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
Daria Jacobs-Velde, Congregation Ohev Tzedek
Brian Jaffee, Jewish Community Relations Council of Cincinnati
Rabbi Shena P. Jaffee, Mayerson JCC
Rabbi Marc S. Jagolinzer, Temple Shalom
Delphia Janiszeski
Mark J. Joffe
James Edward Johnson
Mia Johnson, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
Alison Jonesi
Les Judd, Green City Challenge
Paul Kadden, JCRC
Garry Kahalnik, Congregation Ahavath Sholom
David Kahn, Greater Austin Jewish Federation
Rabbi Doug Kahn, JCRC of San Francisco
Prof. Gilbert N. Kahn, Kean University
Elana G. Kahn-Oren, Milwaukee
Gina Kaiser, Menorah Legacy Foundation
Viviana A. Kaliman-Critchfield, CPAC
Rachel Eryn Kalish, Project Reconnections-Year of Civil Discourse
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky, Congregation Ansche Chesed
Benjamin Z. Kamm, Encounter
Joseph Kanfer, Akron
Dr. Laurence H. Kant, The Gateway
Joel Kaplan, B'nai B'rith International
Rabbi Howard G. Kaplansky, Michael and Barbara Newmark Institute for Human Relations
Dr. Hank Kaplowitz, Kean University, Human Rights Institute
Samuel E. Karff, Congreation Beth Israel, Rabbi Emeritus
Elinore "Jackie" R. Kasnetz
Nancy Kasten
Aaron Katler, BBYO
Beverly A. Katowitz, Temple Beth El Charlotte, NC
Rabbi Alan J. Katz, Temple Sinai
Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz, Temple Beth El
Andrea Katz, Kehillat Yedidya, Jerusalem
David B. Katz, Beth Shir Shalom
Sharon Katz
Susan Katz, Jewish Federation of Peoria
Caroline Katz Mount, UJA/Federation NY
Sally Katzif, National Council of Jewish Women-St. Louis
Jacki Katzman
Aaron Kaufman, Penn State Hillel
Nancy Kaufman, JCRC of Greater Boston
Scott Kaufman, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
Susan S. Kaufman
Brian E. Kaye, Fire Island Synagogue
Judith M. Kaye
Deborah Keller-Cohen
Elaine Kellick, Hadassah, Temple Sinai, JRF
Hene Kelly, Jewish Labor Committee
Dr. Samuel M. Kelman, Kol HaLev
Adam I. Kessler, JCRC of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Sandy J. Kessler
Carol Kestler
Patricia C. Kimball, CCSF, JNF, ALDF
Sheryl Kimerling
Linda G. Kipnes, Jewish Federation of Cape Cod
Rabbi Paul Kipnes, Congregation Or Ami
Nancy Kirsch, Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
Rabbi Donna M. Kirshbaum, String of Pearls Congregation
Gene Kirshner
Nancy R. Kirshner - Rodriguez
Rabbi Noah Kitty, Congregation Etz Chaim
Stephen Klapper, Jewish Community Relations Council Indianapolis, IN
Andrew F. Klein, Reform Movement
Jeff Klein, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
Rabbi Emeritus Richard L. Klein, Temple Beth Jacob
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah
Gilbert Kleiner, North American Association of Synagogue Executives (NAASE)
Max L. Kleinman, United Jewish Communities of MetroWest
Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, Woodstock Jewish Congregation
Marc A. Kline, Temple Adath Israel
Alan Klugman, ORT America
Martina W. Knee, JCRC Metro Council, San Francisco
Janis M. Knight, Temple Beth Torah
Howard Kohr, American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Gayle Kolasa
David Kolasky
Mona F. Kolko, Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
Conrad J. Koller, Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts
Debra R. Kolodny, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Charles M. Koplik, JCRC
Rebecca Kopp
Ami J. Kopstein, Kol HaLev
Rabbi Ira L. Korinow, Temple Emanu-El, Haverhill, MA
Eric D. Kornblum
Marianne K. Kornblum
Ellen L. Kort, Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Rabbi Ilyse S. Kramer, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies (ICJS)
Karen Kramer
Martha Kransdorf
Judith Kranz, Kehilat Shalom
Rabbi Harold J. Kravitz, ADATH Jeshurun Cong
Rabbi Brett Krichvier, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation
Rabbi Barry I. Krieger, Temple Israel, Portsmouth, NH
Donald A. Kriss
Dr. Lenny Kristal, East Bay JCRC
Jim H. Krueger
Rabbi Irwin Kula, National Jewish Ctr. For Learning and Leadership
Vicky Kulikov, Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City
Gary P. Kurzban
Rosalind Kurzer, Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
Sharon Kushner
Judy Lackritz, CRC of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio
Rabbi Enid C. Lader, Knesseth Israel Temple
Rabbi Howard O. Laibson, Congregation Shir Chadash, Lakewood CA
Rabbi Howard Laibson
Ruth Laibson, Jewish Social Policy Action Network
Fritzi R. Lainoff, NCJW
Camelia Lambert
Al Lampell
Brenda H. Landau, JCRC of the Jewish Federation of Southern Az
Dr. Jim Lando
Shawn Landres, Jumpstart
Eliezer Langer, Austin, TX
Rabbi Eric M. Lankin, Jewish National Fund
Rabbi Rabbi Alan LaPayover, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Abby S. Lappen
Ted F. Larson-Klebes
Daniel Laser, Golden Manor
Tara L. Laxer, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach
Rabbi Robert Layman
David H. Leach, CRC Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
Edie Leavengood
Nancy Leavitt, Gloucester, MA
Jerome N. Lederer, University Synagogue
Albert G. Lee, J-Street
Rabbi Barton G. Lee, Hillel at Arizona State University
Nellie Lee
Carolyn R. Leeds, Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis
Elaine Leib
Dr. Ann Leonard, Temple Sinai
Laurie Lerner, University Synagogue, Los Angeles
Michael K. Lerner
Deb L. Lestch
Eli Shirim Lester, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Bruce Alan Lev, Youngstown
Rabbi Joel M. Levenson, Congregation Bnai Jacob
Dr. Gerald R. Leverant, JFS
Michele Leverant
Andrea Levin, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
Mark Levin, NCSJ: Advocates on Behalf of Jews in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and Eurasia
Prof. Amy-Jill Levine, Vanderbilt University
Stephanie G. Levinson
Arthur L. Levy, JCRC-New Haven
Barcey T. Levy, Agudas Achim Iowa City
Rabbi David C. Levy, Temple Shalom
Douglas B. Levy
E. J. Levy
Harry H. Levy
Rabbi Sue E. Levy
AriellaShira C. Lewis
Geoff H. Lewis, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Barbara & Jerome Lichtman
Alan Lieberman
Cherryll B. Lieberman
Rabbi Elias J. Lieberman, Falmouth Jewish Congregation
Gloria Lieberstein, Reconstructionist Temple Beth Israel
Meyer D. Lifschitz
Reva Lifshey
Rabbi Rebecca Lillian
Dr. Jo Lillis, Chico Havurah
Merry Lynne Lincove, Hadassah
Jessica Shimberg Lind, The Little Minyan
Debra Linick, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington
Eli Lipmen, AJC
Dr. Shelley Ann Lipowich, Hadassah, JCRC, JFCS
Paulee Lipsman
Lisa Lis
Polly R. Liss, ORT America
Rabbi Stephen Listfield, Congregation Beth-El, Massapequa, NY
Pamela Litman
Rabbi Lewis C. Littman
William Livingston, Congregation Shaare Emeth, St. Louis, MO
Rabbi Shafir Lobb, Congregation Kol Simchah
Jody Kaufman Loewenstein, JFNA-Alliance
Shelly Lohmann, THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Judith Loischild, Reconstructionist
May C. Long, Temple Emeth
Martha K. Lottman, Canton Jewish Community Federation
Rita K. Loventhal, JCRC Atlanta
Lauri J. Lowell, JCRC of Greater New Haven
Michael Lurie, San Diego Israel Coalition
Rabbi Barry Lutz, Temple Ahavat Shalom
Rabbi Jack A. Luxemburg, Temple Beth Ami, Rockville, Md
Howard Lynne
Lynn Lyss, National Council of Jewish Women
Donna Malamud
David Malchman
Robin Mancoll, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
Bruce P. Mandel, Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Rabbi Nina H. Mandel, Congregation Beth El
Paulette Mandell
Judy Mange
Ted R. Mann, Jewish Social Policy Action Network
Kathy E. Manning, Jewish Federations of North America
Rabbi Richard J. Margolis, Temple Beth Sholom, Melbourne, FL
Rabbi Marc Margolius, West End Synagogue
Phyllis G. Margolius, Washington. DC
Michel Margosis, FCHRC, USHMM
Dan Mariaschin, B'nai B'rith International
Rabbi/Prof Richard A. Marker
Louis N. Marks
Phyllis Markus, Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis
Frank E. Martin
Ellen K. Masters, Hadassah
Rabbi Roly Matalon, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York
Todd J. Maurer
Gloria L. Max, Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties
Alexander Mayers
Michael D. McCloskey, Temple Emeth, Chestnut Hill, MA
Cathie A. McFadden
Jameece L. McLaren
Rabbi Ralph D. Mecklenburger, Beth-El Congregation
Rabbi Dan B. Medwin, Central Conference of American Rabbis
Natan Meir
Nessa Memberg, Congregation Sha'are Shalom
Dr. Paul Elliot Merenbloom
Carole Meshil
Estelle Meskin
Ruth Messinger, American Jewish World Service
Shirley K. Michalove, Hadassah, WZOA
Edith H. Michelson
Zorita W. Mikva
Andi Milens, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Rabbi Goldie Milgram,
Ava Miller
Rabbi Avis D. Miller, Open Dor Foundation, Inc.
Carole B. Miller
Harriet Miller, Jewish Federation of Ulster County
Jean S. Miller, Kol HaLev
Rabbi Jonathan Miller, Temple Emanu-El
Dr. Randall D. Miller, Jewish Congregation of Fairbanks Alaska
Roz Miller, Tucson
Steven Miller
Rhonda Mills
Dr. Karen Milstein
Laurie T. Mindlin, Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation
Paul N. Minkoff, JCPA/JCRC Philadelphia
Dr. Sherman Minkoff
Rabbi Sydney B. Mintz, Congregation Emanu-El
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, Valley Outreach Synagogue-P'nai Tikvah
Rabbi David Mivasair, Ahavat Olam Synagogue
Susan Mlynarczyk, Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis
Rabbi Jack Moline, Rabbinical Assembly
Marilyn Morgan
Shauna Morgan-Sherman
Rabbi Steven Morgen, Congregation Beth Yeshurun
Barbara A. Morris, Temple Emanu EL
Karen I. Morris
Marilyn R. Morris
Steven J. Morris, Jewish Federation of San Diego County
Sammie E. Moshenberg, National Council of Jewish Women
Audrey Moskowitz
Esther L. Moss, NCJW
Perry Moss, Jewish Family Service of Colorado
Louise Moya Stokes
Mark Mulgay, Harvard University
Cindy B. Munn
Susan P. Myers, JSPAN
Lynn Lebow Nadeau
Lorraine Nadelman
Nahma Nadich, JCRC of Greater Boston
Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman
Ami Nahshon, the Abraham Fund Initiatives
Mark Naishtein
Dorothy Naor
Steve B. Nasatir, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
Dr. Peter E. Nathan, Iowa Hillel
Tracy Nathan
Melanie Nelkin, Georgia Coalition to Prevent Genocide
Joyce K. Nelson, Temple Emunah
Max Nelson, Past President of JCRC
Sharon K. Ness, Jewish Federation of Broward County
Dr. Rosalind Neuman
Noam Neusner, Washington, D.C.
Paul Neustadt
Eric Newman, American Civil Liberities Union
L Nilsen
Rabbi John R. Nimon, Northshore Jewish Congregation, Mandeville, LA
Ori Nir, Americans for Peace Now
Cathy Nobles
Linda M. Noonan, Temple Beth David
Joyce Norr
Daniel Norris
Judith H. Obermayer, Newton, MA
Rabbi Philip R. Ohriner, Congregation Beth David
Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, Jewish Outreach Institute
Amy M. Olson, Hillel at the University of Rhode Island
Marcy L. O'Malley
Naomi Orensten, Jewish Federations of North America
Saul F. Oresky, RRC
Kathy A. Ormond
Angie Ornstein, Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass
Dr. Lisbeth B. Ornstein, Temple Sinai, Rochester NY
Pamela S. Ovshinsky, Temple B'nai Israel
Linda Owen
Evelyn Oxman
Jesse Paikin, URJ Camp & Israel Programs
Burton L. Paikoff, B'nai Israel
Rabbi Michael Paley, UJA-Federation of New York
Heather E. Paperner, JCRC St. Louis
Abby J. Pariser, Kehillath Shalom Synagogue
Tad S. Parzen
Sydell Pascale
Phil and Betty Pearle
Ben Pearlman
Lori L. Pearlmutter
Goldie Pekarsky, Jewish Federation of Greater Rockford
Rabbi Barbara R. Penzner, Temple Hillel B'nai Torah
Sharon Perelman
Rabbi Carl M. Perkins, Temple Aliyah, Needham, MA
Amy R. Perlin, Virginia
Sydney A. Perry, Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven
David Perton
Reverend Dorothy A. Petrie
judith Phillips
Germaine L. Piedmonte, Indianapolis Hebrew Congreation
Janet Pierce
Esahr M. Pildis, Anshe Emet Synagogue. Chicago
Martha Pincus, JCRC, Milwaukee
Orli Pinsburg, JCRC
Joel G. Pittelman, Milwaukee JCRC
Philip A. Platcow
Ellen L. Platt, Jewish Federation of Broward County, FL
Heidi Valentina Plonski, CCEA / teachers union
Gary Pokras, Temple Judea of Bucks County
Terry L. Polaner, Temple Beth Shalom
Michael Pollack, JCRC of Milwaukee
Ronald M. Pollack
Judith Pollak, Jewish Federation of El Paso
Jeff Pollock
Leila J. Pomerantz, B'nai B'rith
Jan Pope
Robert J. Poplar, Beth Hillel Synagogue
Michael Poppers
Abigail M. Porth, Jewish Community Relations Council - San Francisco
Dr. Louis Post
Avi Poster, Nashville
Rabbi Amber Powers, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Eileen M. Powers, Congregation Shaare Emeth
Rabbi Daniel J. Pressman, Congregation Beth David
Marilyn L. Price
Professor Steven Puro, St. Louis University
Rabbi Arnold Rachlis, University Synagogue, Irvine, CA
Rabbi Michael Ragozin, Congregation Sha'are Shalom
Marc-Andre Rajotte
Steve A. Rakitt, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jane Ramsey, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
Dov Randel
Rabbi Perry R. Rank, Midway Jewish Center
Dr. Sidney Rankin, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation
Rabbi Mark R. Raphael, Kehilat Shalom Synagogue
Miriam Raskin
Marilyn L. Ratkin, JCRC-St. Louis
Nancy Ratzan, National Council of Jewish Women
Lenore Rauch
Anita Redner, Synagogue Council of Massachusetts
Joan Reich
Rabbi Victor H. Reinstein
Beth Reisboard
Lisa Reisboard
Steven H. Remer, Campaign cabinet
Rabbi Michael M. Remson
Alan Respler
Michael J. Rice
Jamie B. Ratner
Marvin A. Rich, Greater Houston Jewish Federation
Scott Riemersma
Ted Riter
Michael A. Robbins, Temple Judea
Rabbi Daniel Roberts, Temple Beth Israel, Sharon, PA
Suzanne Robins
Jack A. Robinson, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
Russell F. Robinson, Jewish National Fund
Robert A. Rockaway
Eric Rogers, Cong. Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas
Leah Ronen, Augusta Jewish Federation and Community Center
Alan Ronkin
Shelley Rood, Jewish Federations of North America
Sherry L. Roosth
Rabbi D'vorah Rose
Barry A. Rosen
Brenda Lee Rosen
Joel Rosen
Rabbi Stanley M. Rosenbaum, Sons of Jacob Synagogue, Waterloo, IA
Barry Rosenberg, Jewish Federation of St. Louis
James B. Rosenberg, Temple Habonim, Barrington, RI
Janice T. Rosenberg
Lee Rosenberg, American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Pauline Rosenberg
Adrienne Rosenblatt
Jennifer S. Rosenblatt
Eric Rosenblum, JCRC of Silicon Valley
Rabbi David Rosenn, New Israel Fund
James A. Rosenstein, American Jewish Committee
Ben Rosenthal, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center
Vic H. Rosenthal, Jewish Community Action
Rabbi Amy T Ross, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX
Irene F. Ross, Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee
Rabbi Seymour Rossel, Rossel Counseling & Consulting, Inc.
Stuart T. Rossman, JCRC of Greater Boston
Joel Rotenstreich, Jewish Community Relations Committee of the Birmingham Jewish Fe
Akiva D. Roth
Rabbi Ronald S. Roth, Fair Lawn Jewish Center
Jay M. Rothman, The ARIA Group
Scott Rothstein, JCRC
Richard Rovak
Adam E. Rowe, UIC
Michael B. Rubenstein, JCRC of San Francisco
Rabbi Peter Rubenstein, Central Synagogue, New York
Ann M. Rubin
Bernard Rubin
Eleanor S. Rubin, Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey
Jay L. Rubin, Jewish Federation of Greater Austin
Leah S. Rubin, Congregation Shaare Emeth
Ronald P. Rubin, Congregation Sha'are Shalom
Rabbi Sarah N. Rubin, Congregation Ahavas Achim
Terri Rubin
Rabbi Ephraim Rubinger, The Community For Jewish Spiritual adventures
John S. Ruskay, UJA-Federation of New York
Bonnie Ryvicker, J Street
Amy Saag
Carolyn J. Saberg, Jewish Federation Broward County Community Relations Committee
Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation
Marshall Sack
Judy Sacks, Jewish Vocational Service
Monda Sagalkin
Martin Sager
Laura Sagerman
Linda U. Saiger
Rabbi Paul Z. Saiger, The Hillels of Illinois
Judith A. Saks, Nashville
Dr. Moises F. Salinas, Meretz USA
Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin, Temple Israel, Columbus, GA
Lori Judd Salz, Federation
Rabbi Joanna Samuels
Sybil Sanchez, Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
Irene Lehrr Sandalow, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
Dr. David H. Sanders
Jay Sanderson, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles
Rabbi Neil Sandler, Atlanta
Carolyn W. Sanger
Arlene B. Santis, Temple Havurat Emet
Yitzhak Aharon Santis, JCRC - San Francisco
Marci L. Sapers, Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Rabbi David Saperstein, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Rabbi Marna Sapsowitz
Prof. Jonathan Sarna, Brandeis University
Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU
Rabbi Dennis C. Sasso, Congregation Beth-El Zedeck
Rabbi Sandy E. Sasso, Congregation Beth-El Zedeck
Nathan E. Savin
Stephen Savitsky, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe, Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church, VA
Tilly G. Schalkwyk
Dr. B. F. Schall
Michael Schatz, Beth El Temple
Mark L. Scheier
Rabbi Jeffrey Lee Schein, Kol HaLev : The Reconstructionist Community of Cleveland
Arlene D. Schiff, Jewish Federation of the Berkshires
Jane Schiff, Atlanta, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Rabbi Ira J. Schiffer, Middlebury College
Andrea B. Schlanger, Esq., Tulsa
Sylvia Schleimer
Marc Schlesinger, JCPA
Ronald J. Schlesinger
Philip Schlossberg, Hillel
Rabbi Chaim Schneider
Melanie L. Schneider, NY/NJ Region, Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Rose Schneier, Agudas Achim
David Schoenbaum
Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Rabbinical Assembly
Bob M. Schreier
Dr. Davida R. Schuman
Dr. Jerome J. Schultz, Temple Beth Shalom
Marc F. Schultz
Marlene Schultz
Art Schuman, Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
Amy B. Schwartz
Barbara A. Schwartz, Beth Israel - The West Temple
Ira Schwartz, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz, Temple Bnai Israel
Martin Schwartz, Jewish Labor Committee
Rachel D. Schwartz, Saint Louis University
Dr. Richard H. Schwartz, College of Staten Island
Stan Schwartz
Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman, Congregation B'nai Chaim
Matthew K. Schwimmer
Lee Scissors
Jane M. Scott, Jewish Federation of So. Arizona
Richard D. Seaton, Reform Jew.Retired
Miriam Seeherman, CRC of UJFT
Rabbi Jerry H. Seidler, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Eva W. Seligman-Kennard, JCRC of San Francisco
Gregory L. Selker, Kol HaLev
Rabbi Joel Seltzer

Rabbi Benjamin S. Sendrow, Congregation Shaarey Tefilla
Dr. Ilene A. Serlin
Doug Seserman, Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado
Barbara G. Shaiman, Champions of Caring
Ephraim Shapiro
Judy S. Shapiro
Rabbi Mark Shapiro
Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman
Rabbi Dina Shargel
Sydell Shayer, JCRC
Ira E. Shein
Dr. Carl Sheingold, Philadelphia
Heather Shelley, Jewish FEderation of Greater Pittsburgh
Myrna S. Shenberg
Arden E. Shenker, JCPA
Wendy Shepherd
Lauren Sher
Linda Rae Sher, Joint Action Committee
Janet B. Sherman, Jewish Community Relations Council of Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado
Joel B. Sherman, Boston
Lee Sherman, Association of Jewish Family & Children's Agencies
Allison Sherwat Cooper
Maurice L. Shevin, Birmingham Jewish Community Relations Committee
Dr. Reuben N. Shevitz, Indianapolis JCRC
Allan N. Shriber
Judith Shriber
David Shtulman, Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
Rabbi Marion Shulevitz
Joan Shutinya
Norman Sider, Indianapolis JCRC
Ellen I. Siegman, Hadassah
Mary G. Sikarevich
Claudia Sills
Daniel Silna, UJANNJ
Dr. Jacob Silver
Leah B. Silver, Hadassah
Stuart R. Silver, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County
Fay Silverman
Jerry Silverman, The Jewish Federations of North America
Gila S. Silverman
Robert B. Silverman, Springfield, IL
Susan Silverman, G.A.R.D.E.N. Inc.
Dr. Barbara J. Simmonds
Rabbi Joel Simonds, University Synagogue
Marilyn Simonson
Jennifer Singer, American Technion Society
Renee K. Singer, Hadassah
Rabbi Steven Sirbu, Temple Emeth
Robert Siskin, Chattanooga
Vivienne R. Sklar
Richard Skolnick, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Ron Skolnik, Meretz USA
Stephen W. Skrainka, JCPA/ JCRC of St. Louis
Rabbi Robert B. Slosberg, Congregation Adath Jeshurun
Rabbi Amy J. Small, New Jersey
Fay B. Smith, Boston
Rabbi H. D. Uriel Smith, Congregation Ohavay Zion (Emeritus)
Naomi Smith
Naomi Behar Smith
Larry Snider
Herb Snitzer
Leslie Sobel
Laurence A. Soifer
Naomi R. Soifer, Milwaukee JCRC
Danny Sokatch, New Israel Fund
Rabbi A;an M. Sokobin
Sandra L. Sokolik, Shaare Emeth
Rabbi Felicia Sol, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York
Adam M. Solender, Savannah Jewish Federation
Jacob Solomon, Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Louis B. Solomon, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
Michele L. Solomon, Hadassah
Allan Solomonow, Kehilla Synagogue
Alan Solow, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
Gerald L. Sorokin, University of Iowa Hillel
Mindy Sperling
Rabbi Scott Sperling, Beth El Congregation
Rabbi Aaron Spiegel
Joyce T. Spielberger, The Birmingham Jewish Federation
Rosalind A. Spigel, Jewish Labor Committee
Andres Spokoiny
Glada M. St.Clair
Samuel M. Stahl
Rabbi Seth Stander, Congregation Beth El of Missouri City, TX
Marc Stanley, Dallas
William M. Stanley
Judith C. Stanton
Jonathan L. Stanzler, CRC of the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
Esta and Alvin Star
Sabena Stark, Eugene
Jennie Starr, Tarbuton, an Israeli Cultural Center
Marilyn Starr
Robert M. Starr
Diane Statham
Rabbi Jacob Staub, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Jennifer Levitt Steele
Prof. Alan Stein
Rabbi David E. S. Stein
Rabbi Howard Stein, Grinnell College
Ken A. Stein, Jewish Community Relations Council of Milwaukee
Marsha Stein
Peter W. Stein, Temple Sinai, Rhode Island Board of Rabbis
Kurt D. Steinbach
Cathrine Steinborn
Barbara Steinfeld
Mindy E. Steinholz
Walter H. Steinlauf, The Stroke Survivors Advocacy Network
Debra Steppel
Rabbi David Stern, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas
Rabbi Keith Stern, Temple Beth Avodah
Dr. Michael P. Stern, San Antonio CRC
Ronald Stern, Stephen S. Wise Temple
Larry Sternberg, Hillel at Brandeis University
Todd Stettner
Rabbi Debbie S. Stiel
Eric B. Stillman, Jewish Federation of Broward County
Robert L. Stivler, Jewish Federation of Broward County FL
Marc Stober
Rabbi Adam V.S. Spilker
David Stollar
Bluma B. Stoller, Boston
Peter D. Stolzman, Temple Emanuel of Greater New Haven
Mary A. Stone
Dr. Stephen P. Stone, Springfield (IL) JCRC and JCPA
Sue Strait, Milwaukee, WI JCC
Rabbi Michael Strassfeld, SAJ
Wendy Strauss, Jewish Federation of greater Rochester, NY
Deborah Strochlic
Rabbi Shira Stutman, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
Benjamin Suarato, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Rabbi Yaffa-Shira Sultan
Rabbi Jeff Sultar
Josh Sushan
Beryl Sussman
Rabbi Louis W. Sutker
Betty Swartz, Chai Buena Vida Hadassah
Rabbi Sheldon W. Switkin, Rabbinical Assembly
Dr. Donald Sylvan, JESNA, Jewish Education Service of North America
Rabbi Robert P. Tabak, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Lica Tal, Shalom Community - Sao Paulo Brazil
Thomas E. Tashey
Marlene Tauber
David K. Taylor
Pearl Taylor
B.A. Teller, Hadassah
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, New York
Rabbi David A. Teutsch, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
George Thompson, Greater Birmingham Ministries
Steven Tilley
Marshall D. Tobin
Rabbi Mervin B. Tomsky
Leon Tonelson, Jewish Federation of Nashville
Rabbi Joseph S. Topek, Hillel Foundation Stony Brook University
Jenny Tran
Erica E. Trojan
Joel S. Trupin
Rabbi Theodore Tsuruoka, Temple Isaiah of Great Neck
Marsha Tucker
Susie Turnbull, Jewish Women International
Ray L. Turner, Congregation Shaare-Emeth
Geri Tyrey
Jay B. Umansky, American Jewish Congress
Neal R. Unger
Sarita H. Unger
Elisa Usher, Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Tibor Vais
Daniel van Leeuwen, Temple Emanuel,Utica,NY
Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen, Temple Ner Maarav
Irwin Venick
Robert K. Vincent, United Jewish Council of Greater Toledo
Matthew R. Vogel, Hillel at Baruch
Alan Wagman
Mory Waksberg
Peter C. Waldheim
Rabbi Moshe Waldoks, Temple Beth Zion
Michael S. Wallack
Amy Wallerstein
Rachel Walsh, CRC San Antonio, Texas
Terry H. Walsh, Congregation Eitz Or
Trisha A. Ward
Paul Bernard Warhit, Temple Israel of New Rochelle
Dr. Karin Warren
Bruce Warschoff, Congregation Or Hadash
Beth W. Wasserman, Boston
Gary R. Wasserman
Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Dr. Daniel Weber
Gail Wechsler, JCRC of St. Louis
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Congregation Agudas Achim
Ron D. Wegsman
Rabbi Steve Weil, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
Dr. Racelle R. Weiman, Dialogue Institute Temple University
Debra S. Weinberg, ACHARAI: The Shoshana S. Cardin Leadership Development Institute
S. Weinberg
Rabbi Sheila P. Weinberg, Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Steven Weinberg, Habonim Dror Camp Association
Rabbi Arthur Weiner, Jewish Community Center of Paramus
Rabbi Cheryl J. Weiner, Vision and Values
Rabbi David Weiner, Congregation Knesset Israel
Craig Weinerman, JCRC
Harriet N. Weinfield
Marie N. Weingarten
Andrea Weinstein, JCPA
Cheryl Shinbaum Weinstein, Temple Emeth
Rabbi Jay Weinstein, Congregation Simchat HaLev
Julie Weinstein
Rabbi Melissa Weintraub, Encounter
Prof. Emeritus Alan J. Weisbard, University of Wisconsin
Enid Weisberg-Frank
Ellen Weisman
Rabbi Lewis J. Weiss,
Linda Weiss
Ian Weissman, Hillel/Zeta Beta Tau
Nadyne Weissman
Stephanie R. Weissman
Dr. David R. Wekstein, Lexington Havurah
Steven R. Wendell, Jewish Federation of Eastern Fairfield County, CT
J. Wengrofsky, New York University
Rabbi Melissa J. Wenig, Joyful Service
Rabbi Steve Wernick, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Professor Adlai Wertman, Los Angeles
Vaughn L. Westheimer
Harry J. Wexler, JCRC of Greater New Haven
Molly J. Wexler, Memphis Jewish Federation
Manuel White
Kelley Whiter, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County
Nancy G. Wiadro, Hadassah
Nancy G. Wiadro
Richard B. Wice
Jennifer A. Wilck, Temple Shalom
Miranda Wilgus
Ellen J J. Willis
James C. Willis
Steven F. Windmueller, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
Mark Winkelman, Austin
Rabbi David Wise, Hollis Hills Jewish Center
Rabbi Cantor Alison Wissot, Temple Judea
John W. Wofford
Carol M. Wofsey
Jeffrey Wohlberg
Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple in Los Angeles
Jonathan Woocher, JESNA/Lippman Kanfer Institute
Simone Woodwell
Rabbi David A. Wortman, Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass
Judy B. Wortman, Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass
Susan Wortman, Hadassah
Sandra L. Wortzel, Temple Beth Israel
Ailsa Wu
Katherine D. Wurzurg
Art Wyckoff, Ventura
Rabbi Eytan Y. Yammer, Knesseth Israel Congregation
President Gail Yamner, Joint Action Committee
Alayne Yates
Rhoda E. Yaverbaum
Rabbi Eric Yoffie, Union for Reform Judaism
Lisa Yoram, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
Bruce J. Yudewitz, Jewish Federation of Broward County
Jerome Yurow
Dora Khaimovna yusupova, UCSF MC
Rabbi Sara Zacharia
Tracy L. Zackson, JCRC
Zvia Zadock
Rabbi Melinda zalma, Congregation Beth Mordecai
Allen Zeesman
lin K. zelson
Lina N. Zerbarini, Sid Jacobson JCC
Rabbi Shawn Israel Zevit, Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Cathy L. Zheutlin, Holy Rascals
Lawrence M. Ziffer, Center for Jewish Education of Baltimore, MD
Helene Zimmerman
Laura Zimmerman
Laurie Zionts
David L. Zolan
Michele Zuckerman
Robert Zwang
Robert M. Zweiman, Jewish War Veterans of the USA
Rabbi Dan Selsberg, Beth Jacob Synagogue
Prof. Zelda F. Gamson, UMass Boston (ret.)