Hunger Seder Advocacy

We have the tools in place to create a world free from hunger and it is our responsibility to use these tools to influence our government and society’s actions for good.

We must create a world in which people can provide for themselves and where they can choose options that are healthy and sustaining for themselves and their families.

By taking action on Passover, we have a special opportunity to make a difference in impacting critical legislation for programs that touch the lives of millions of Americans.

The key pieces of this advocacy are are follows:

  • To offset the cost of legislation passed at the end of 2010, cuts were made to future funding of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps).  Ask your Member of Congress to support the President’s proposal to fully restore these SNAP cuts in his FY2012 budget, and to protect SNAP from future cuts.
  • Request that Congress provide strong support in the FY 2012 budget for the federal nutrition programs and the anticipated growth in these programs to keep pace with the increasing need in our communities.
  • Ask Congress to provide full funding for the WIC program to reach all of the women, children, and families who need this vital assistance.