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Interfaith Alliance: A Call for Civility in American Politics

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A Call for Civility in American Politics

The United States faces daunting challenges as we approach the close of the 20th Century.  Those challenges include an urgent necessity that we as a nation find better ways to talk with and about each other.  Too often in politics and government, we have relied on stereotypes, slurs, and innuendo to make our points more memorable, more “news-worthy,” more striking. 

Indeed, as people of faith and goodwill we know that incivility can often be an effective political weapon against ideological opponents. When religion and politics intersect, we see vividly the growing trend of many to baptize a political stance in the language of religious doctrine.  Elevating partisan positions to a form of non-negotiable religious convictions in a manner that makes civil interaction difficult threatens the sanctity of religion and undermines the ideals of our democratic society. 

Voters in this election cycle are looking for a change.  They seek candidates whose demeanor leads away from the politics of destruction.  The American people, the common good, and our democratic ideals demand constructive campaigning and civil debate from those who would be our political leaders.

The Framework of Civility for Political Candidates presents a basis for civil debate and exchange among candidates for office as well as among their campaign organizations and institutional and individual supporters.  It is built on the principle that a candidate for office must uphold the public trust in the context of the campaign.  That public trust demands of candidates integrity, a sense of fairness, respect for the political process and for others, and a profound sense of personal responsibility.  This framework delineates the application of those central characteristics to a political campaign.

Call To a Faithful Decision 2000
Framework of Civility for Political Candidates

Integrity in Making Your Cases to the Voters

  • Talk honestly about your beliefs, motivations, and purpose in running for office.
  • Endeavor to present clear, accurate proposals regarding issues that are based on the facts as you understand them without attempting to mislead voters regarding your public record.
  • Welcome and seek to optimize opportunities to present in open forum your platform, policies, and issue proposals.

Fairness in Addressing the Issues and Your Opponent

  • Refrain from using deception, half-truths, falsification, or innuendo in describing your opponents.
  • Immediately and unilaterally repudiate any such actions conducted to your benefit by other individuals or organizations.
  • Insure that your campaign organization has in its possession documents supporting factual claims about you or your opponent’s record or background.

Respect for the Dignity of Others

  • Seek to heighten the level of discourse presented to voters with the intent of increasing their knowledge of the issues and your positions on those issues throughout all aspects of the campaign.
  • Reject degrading, disparaging, or demeaning descriptions or visual images of your opponent.
  • Reject personal attacks, innuendo, or stereotyping in describing or referring to your opponent.
  • Avoid all references, characterizations, or suggestions intended or likely to demonize or dehumanize those holding opinions different from yours.

Responsibility for Your Words and Actions

  • Conduct all aspects of your campaign using as guiding principles the betterment of the democratic process in this country and the desire to increase the integrity of the electoral process.
  • Assume full responsibility for the words and actions of your campaign staff, volunteers, surrogates, and other individuals and organizations working on your behalf or seeking to influence the election in your favor.
  • Publicly and unequivocally reject words, images, and/or actions that incite hatred or fear against others.
  • Refrain from using the rhetoric of civility merely for political effect, opting instead to incorporate the meaning and goals of civil discourse into your actions and statements.


1.    Do you support the principles outlined in this framework?

2.    Will you agree to conduct your campaign in accordance with this framework (these principles)?

3.    If you are not willing to sign this particular framework, what are the principles you have set in place to insure the integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility of your campaign?

4.    Who on your campaign staff bears primary responsibility to you, the candidate, for insuring the principles you’ve established are carried out?


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This is precisely the reason the JCPA held our 3rd annual National Hunger Seder on Capitol Hill this morning.

We write because we are compelled to call on all of them.

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Rent a Car Dubai

Sports Car for Hire

So maybe you want to be driven around in a sweet car that suits your personality. An experience that’s not just memorable just offers the ultimate feeling you want to live in the moment. Dubai’s got it all and we’ve got every car you want in Dubai.

Luxury Cars Rental Dubai

Luxury Car Rental Dubai is affordable cars Rental Company in Dubai. We specialize in luxury cars rental Dubai, Rolls Royce, sport car rental Dubai, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche and many other luxury and sports cars rental Dubai.

Luxury Cars Rental Dubai

Luxury Car Rental Dubai is affordable cars Rental Company in Dubai. We specialize in luxury cars rental Dubai, Rolls Royce, sport car rental Dubai, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche and many other luxury and sports cars rental Dubai.


They're great offers for kids that take into account reading as their favorite pastime. Nonetheless, you must note there are some youngsters that choose to learn simply by watching as opposed to reading. They may be known since visual pupils.

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Everyone knows that they have to find time and energy to exercise in order to get suit and keep healthy. Yet, many folks say they've trouble obtaining time to work through - specifically those active parents and many more so in case you are working, furthermore.

For sociable service agencies section of their mission is always to reunite children making use of their families after the parents' goals are already met and also safety continues to be established. This article works extremely well as helpful tips to aid agencies help make reunification any safe and also successful a single.

There are usually no a couple of ways around the fact single mom and dad have several problems and also challenges they should face. Whether you might be a individual parent simply by choice or as a result of death, breakup, or a great unplanned having a baby, you could have wonderful instances but you'll face several obstacles.

Any parent need to use endurance in instructing a young child which items are regarding him and also which items are unacceptable. By enough time a youngster reaches three to four years of age he is aware the difference quite nicely. His garments, his toys and games, his bed-all of the belong to be able to him.

Insurance Agency Social media is increasing in value and difficulty, much just like cars and also car engines while they evolved from your Ford Product T to be able to today's intricate hybrid autos. However, the advancement of Insurance agency Social media is growing at a more rapid rate.

Top rated automobile insurance companies in united states of america are established through Insurance carrier ratings which can be assessments with the financial soundness and also creditworthiness regarding insurers which usually provide beneficial information for the marketplace.

The traveler insurance carrier is probably the largest insurance firms by industry value. Traveler's insurance policy is executing operations in Nyc, Hartford, Connecticut, Saint. Paul and also Minnesota. Tourists have part branches together with 14000 personal agents and also brokers.

Contrary from what it's likely you have heard concerning cancer and term life insurance it remains possible to have insured in the event you or someone you understand has been clinically determined to have cancer. Read on to find out more about cancer term life insurance.

Do you understand that adding a teen to your automobile insurance policy together with soar the rates? Adding the teenager in your car insurance coverage is a superb and smart step. It is because the coverage will guard both you as well as the youngster in case there is an automobile accident.

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Looking regarding new excitement and excitement in your lifetime? Maybe bouncing off any bridge? Falling from your skies? Driving the outrageous rapids? Start dwelling a life which is Nothing Yet Adventure basic top 3 intense sports escapades.

Fencers performing as specialist coaches can be found in the composed record since the 1200s. This started the method of evolution leading from the particular Medieval training in the way to fight with all the sword for the modern fence master instructing competitive sportsmen.

Finding the appropriate outdoor sporting activities equipment is vital in order to truly take pleasure in your out of doors experience, as this may make certain you are totally prepared regarding these routines. While it could be fun to be able to simply enjoy outside and luxuriate in the oxygen,

Dubai sports activity city a premier of series sports heart. But that's not all, the sporting activities complex any time completed can hold several stadiums as well as other sports routines ancilliaries. Nevertheless the concept will not end there because the plan is always to have household complex detailed with five superstar shopping retailers and restaurants inside the sports metropolis.

Celebrities have got new very hot sport and a growing number of of them is very addicted. This game wasn't in trend since "Forrest Gump", thus from inside 1994. In the event you didn't imagine already, it really is Ping-Pong! For an individual who won't know it really is table football.

The write-up describes the particular sports collectors items value and the way to collect beneficial sports collectors items and artifacts. Now sporting activities collectibles benefit is huge available in the market and it is crucial to carry out proper investigation to learn about diverse sports collectors items and their particular value.

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Knowledge obtained and applied offers a great kick off point for the particular beginner, and a growth of skill for your intermediate to be able to advanced player.

Ideally your youngster plays to get a coach who is a wonderful instructor-one which recognizes instructing opportunities and also communicates lessons in the positive, enjoyable manner. But or a good mentor, participating inside the right children's sports programs is vital to your kid's enjoyment regarding sports.

When you have a youngster in fundamental school who's special schooling needs, you need to know the way to write letters for the school. You need your letters to state a want to work collaboratively for the main benefit of your youngster.

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Our link with earth via bees isn't just a soothing bond, but an essential one; one which has seen threats recently from man along with the unexplained. However in a corner from the world, in the shores associated with Lake Erie, a bee trend has areas of the neighborhood breaking away in, nicely, hives.

Once the last snows associated with winter lastly melt in to spring you are probably itching to place away your own heavy knit tops, mufflers as well as dark colours and put on something enjoyable and bright since the temperatures warm and also the flowers look through. Your daughter may be the same method.

Every period I get an astrological journal as well as an regular newspaper, I study doom as well as gloom content articles that seem made to send all of us even deeper right into a slough associated with despond. The actual recession, the actual major changes in business power, modern captivity - just about all coming since the inevitable consequence of Pluto getting into Capricorn.

The current fashion globe, despite all its colorfulness as well as glamor, is affected by a lot of copycats. This copycat pattern results right into a gross loss and it has been providing many jolts towards the fashion industry for a long period. The appearance of "architectural approach" popular has given numerous new choices of material textures.

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There tend to be many publications on individual finances available. Usually, the writer sells individuals books or even ideas to be able to increase their very own personal internet worth instead of serving others to complete their monetary goals. Here are a summary of books which i believe would be the best publications on individual finances actually created.

Have you been creative and revel in working along with photos? You can begin a present day photo album for individuals to appreciate and tell their households. What that you can do is offer to gather all the photos as well as lay all of them out right into a uniquely created photo guide, one that's professionally imprinted.

If you aren't spending your Valentine's weekend with that special someone, maybe you are able to snuggle up together with your finances last but not least get all of them in operating order. Even though you're investing Valentine's weekend break doing some thing romantic, get these types of books to see on the rainy day time or an additional time.

Your ideas on Finance is definitely an article which explores thoughts which should, could or will be considered in the event that more had been known concerning the function associated with finance. The connection, if any kind of, between the actual finance associated with corporation and also the finance of people is regarded as.

As monthly obligations on variable-rate home loans are beginning to swell, many Americans have discovered a method to defer your day of reckoning. They have considered variable-rate mortgages recently to afford a house as costs escalate.

Will the actual bailout help to make our car insurance, life insurance coverage, health insurance coverage and name insurance secure enough for all of us to rest easier through the night. Here is my estimation on the reason why the bailout had been needed.

Even in the current less compared to stellar financial environment, university grads, if they're smart and are prepared to think past their partying methods, can provide themselves an advantage by considering ahead, between those parties as well as games.

What will it take to become top-notched futurist? Nicely, there is actually quite a positive change of opinion with regards to this query. Not sometime ago, a guy who'd offered our nation within the armed causes and later found myself in the property building field asked me personally this query.

Online advertising is a method to reach out to some wider client base, a method to get your company the accolades and also the visibility this deserves and a method to earn those profits which you may not possess ever imagined, if you had been stuck conducting business only in real life.

In the actual far faraway past within the majestic Himalayas, the technology of Ayrveda began an extended evolution during the period of 5, 000 many years. A synergistic program which brings together science, faith and viewpoint, Ayurvedic medication was initially practiced through the prophets referred to as rishis. Find out more about ayurvedic medication here.

Osteopathy may be the fastest developing health profession in the united states, Canada & European countries. It may be chosen among the top twenty five occupations sought after by CIBC. It is a superb career choice for people interested within becomming a medical expert.

Are you fed up with giving the same kind of gifts again and again? Everyone offers purchased as well as received several baskets associated with shower carbamide peroxide gel and cream and a number of small containers of flowers through the years. Eventually, everyone reaches a place where they would like to give different things.

Marketing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION solutions tend to be powerful as well as effective tools which will greatly increase your web presence through generating high quality traffic aimed at your website. This may skyrockets your search engine rank, which ultimately results in making lots of money using the web.

Find away why the majority of home buyers make use of a Realtor to buy their house, and tend to be glad these people did! Exclusive purchasers agents supply home buyers most abundant in protection feasible, plus possess the experience that will help you find the best home, and negotiation the very best price as well as terms.

In the current soft economic climate and having experienced the most difficult years in the market, auto dealers are searching closely from opportunities with regard to enhanced as well as improved revenue. Generally regarded as a "necessary evil", the describing department has become being looked over a supply of new major margin as well as profit.

Parents would be the key in order to success. Programs began to initiate mother or father weekends, parent seminars along with other ways in order to pull the actual parents to the healing procedure. This encourages a far more healthy view these are loved ones problems not only a child's issue.

If you don't make a choice before this closes, "You sleep, you lose". You'll have to wait before next open up enrollment period to pick a strategy. Oh wait around... You will need to pay the tax penalty too. Whoa!

There are a lot of health insurance policies companies approaching these days that you could be sure that you're walking an insurance which will fit for you personally and the type of premiums you would like and which too at a reasonable price.

A term insurance policy of life insurance coverage products is just to offer you life coverage throughout the period you've chosen as the word of that one plan. When which term is finished, it's your own wish should you continue, that you could, or leave the master plan.

If you're sitting in the center of the index web, with the lines operating outward attached to the additional line, and anytime someone you're connected to create a connection for you personally, you could make the vibration originating from that path. What is actually happening is that every person you're connected in order to is the middle of a internet of their own.

To day, traditional worldwide law doesn't consider human being environmental rights to some clean as well as healthy environment to become a jus cogens human being right. Jus cogens ("compelling law") describes preemptory lawful principles as well as norms which are binding upon all worldwide States, no matter their permission.

Whenever you're looking to begin a business (does not matter if it's an on the internet or traditional venture), it's usually good to make contact with legal specialists or nearby governing bodies to obtain an concept of regulations that may affect your company.

Bankruptcy is very a severe matter and there's nothing worse to have an individual or perhaps a corporation than needing to seek bankruptcy relief. It can impact many individuals and wreck their professions and life and make them totally helpless.

The damage might be as physical damage, monetary reduction or as psychological results. In lawful language, we make use of the term injury for all these three points. Personal injury could be physical, psychological as well as monetary or them all in character.

A viewing live football event upon TV is definitely an enjoyable encounter for football fans. Via cable as well as satellite membership, live telecast associated with soccer tournaments could be watched upon TV. Ordinary people may also have the opportunity to watch the favourite sport on the planet through their tv.

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