July 29, 2011: President Announces New Fuel Efficiency Standards

JCPA Praises National Security, Environmental Benefits of New Auto Efficiency Standards

The President’s announcement today of a higher fuel efficiency standard for cars is a significant step forward that will go a long way towards building a cleaner and more secure country, said the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

“We’re seeing real and concrete action today that will have a significant impact on our dependence on fossil fuels,” said JCPA Dr. Conrad Giles. “These requirements will pay dividends not only in stemming climate change but for our national security. Avoiding environmental degradation and catastrophic climate change will require innovation and progress. The new policy announced today does just that. Requiring more efficient cars does not mean asking for sacrifice or undue burdens. Rather, the President is asking us to make better use of the technology and know-how we have today.”

“Inefficient cars come at a great expense to our nation,” said JCPA President Rabbi Steve Gutow. “We are dependent on other nations, many of them unfriendly to the United States, to provide the world’s supply of oil. Thanks to these requirements, the EPA has estimated that by 2025, we will be using 1 billion fewer barrels of oil a year, reducing our dependence on foreign nations and giving our economy and nation more stability and security.”

Sybil Sanchez, Director of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL), praised the announcement for the far reaching environmental benefits. “Cleaner burning engines use less fuel, and emit less pollution. We have been producing dangerous amounts of greenhouse gasses that experts across the board agree are responsible for global climate change. Allowing this to go unchecked will have consequences ranging from refugee crises and food shortages to resource wars and unpredictable weather changes. Every step in protecting the environment matters and today’s announcement is significant movement forward.”



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