August 18, 2011: JCPA Supports Call for Syria's Assad to Step Aside

JCPA Supports President Obama’s Call for Assad to Step Aside

The Administration’s call for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s departure from power addresses the immediate needs of the beleaguered Syrian people, and also makes an important statement about the importance of human rights as a U.S. national interest, said the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA).

“Clearly, any hopes we might have harbored of President Assad as a political reformer were misplaced. Unless he steps down, we believe he will continue to abuse his authority and heartlessly murder his own people,” said JCPA President Rabbi Steve Gutow. “This violence is unacceptable. Recently, we applauded the Obama administration’s new policy making prevention of mass atrocities a core interest and responsibility of the United States.  We are encouraged to see that position manifested in the President’s insistence that mass murderers like Assad cannot be allowed to remain in power.”

“The call for Assad to step down, coupled with stronger economic sanctions is a step in the right direction. It sends a clear message that violent repression in response to legitimate demands for freedom will not be tolerated,” said JCPA Chair Dr. Conrad Giles. “Assad’s brutal behavior is not just jarring to the conscience, but also is destabilizing to the region. Inaction in the face of such cruelty simply is not an option. We call on the international community to support the U.S. position.”


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JCPA Supports President

Hopefully won't be any conflicts one day. It's almost utopia but some day people need to understand that living in peace is way better.

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