September 08, 2011: Congress Must Act on Jobs and Investment Proposals

JCPA: No Recovery without Broad Investment and Support for the Unemployed

After President Obama’s Thursday night jobs speech, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs urged Congress to swiftly act to make the necessary investments needed to get our economy growing again.

“The jobs crisis exists throughout the entire country. No community, rural or urban, big or small, has been untouched. With such widespread need for new job opportunities and assistance, Congress should begin work on the President’s recommendations for improvements to our homes, schools, and roads without delay,” said JCPA Chair Dr. Conrad Giles. “These projects will both revitalize our communities and put Americans back to work. Long term recovery will require investments across varied industries and sectors. We appreciate the President’s endorsement of support to our teachers and health care providers. We urge Congress to consider as well the police and firefighters we depend on. Additionally, nonprofits, which provide vital services during recessions, are themselves suffering, and will continue to do so without Federal support.”

“The President was right to identify continued unemployment insurance as an essential part of any recovery,” said JCPA President Rabbi Steve Gutow. “As of August, 6 million people, almost 43% of the unemployed, have been looking for work for over 27 weeks. Even with immediate investments in jobs and job training, many of these individuals will still require assistance in order to stay in their homes and provide for their families. States, which are suffering from years of cutbacks and ongoing budget deficits, are unable to meet these needs, leaving the unemployed without aid. Now is the time for a broad, national effort to build a pathway of prosperity for all Americans. We will continue to work with Congress and the Administration to grow our economy and ensure opportunities for those left in the Great Recession’s wake.”


Deficit spending is not a Jewish value

JCPA should not be endorsing a proposal that continues failed policies of spending borrowed money and taxing productive work. Judaism puts a value on hard work and thrift as well as compassion for the needy. Notwithstanding language of "working with" Congress, this one sided commentary is nothing more than liberal partisan advocacy. Our economy will thrive again when government reduces interference in the private economy. Enough is enough.

Congress Must act on Jobs etc

Congress's initial acts should come therough the House of Representatives, where all financial action Constitutionally takes place. The first action should be to UNFUND the EPA. This would allow coal-fired electrical production of less expensive power. It would also free up energy production such as oil and natural gas. The next step would be to withdraw the $$ we have invested in the International Monetary Fund (World Bank) to reduce our national deficit. The rest of the world will then recognize that we can pay our bills, and restore the American Dollar's value. Then we could stop paying the UN, which is not Israel's or our friend . And last, but not least, we can DEFUND the CZARS which are sucking up over $100,000/ year, each.. Where are they Authorized by our Constitution?

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