Community Education Day on Israeli Arab Issues

The JCPA long has identified achieving civic equality between Jews and Arabs as a major strategic challenge facing the State of Israel. The American Jewish community increasingly is focused on this issue and looking for specific and concrete ways we can make a positive contribution.  In line with this objective, the Washington JCRC and the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington have joined with many other organizations, including the JCPA, to sponsor a special day of community education on Israel's Arab population. 


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Community Education

I truly like Community Education to facilitate community education exists to encourage the learning and interest of grown-ups and kids so they can enhance their lives and their group. We give chances to nearby nationals, schools, offices and concerns to help with coursework wind up plainly dynamic accomplices in attention to education and group concerns. Community Education brings group individuals to distinguish and connect group needs and assets in a way that encourages individuals to assist them and to increase the superiority of life in their communities.

Community Education

Essay Help Community Education brings group individuals to distinguish and connect group needs and assets in a way that encourages individuals to assist them and to increase the superiority of life in their communities.

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