Your thoughts on Ending Gun Violence Now

By keeping gun violence on the national agenda, our goal is to ultimately see the enactment of comprehensive and meaningful legislation on access to guns, quality mental health care, and violence in our culture. We are joined in that effort by Vice President Joe Biden, tasked by President Obama with finding the best proposals to end gun violence. As part of that effort, Vice President Biden has asked the JCPA for suggestions, and we in turn asked you. Below are some of the thoughtful comments we have received on our Facebook page. We encourage you to continue to stay engaged, “like” our page, share materials, and make ending gun violence a reality.

“I have a great idea I read about in Atlantic magazine. Let us require liability insurance for gun owners. If you are a low risk you pay a low premium if not a high one. This will price many out of the market. Also, if you do not lock up your guns and they are used to kill/harm someone.”
- Corinne Blackmer

“Banning purchase military grade machine weapons is's one thing to consider a hand-gun..quite another to have automatic military weapons in the home” - Marla Aboulafia

“Do not let things slide by. Keep the pressure on you congressmen to restrict automatic rifles, tighten gun and ammunition purchases and get more mental health services. This concerns us all!” -Lynne Schaffer

“To own a gun, you must take a class. Like getting your drivers license. Gun owners need to pass a test on safety, and how to be a responsible gun owner. But first, ban all automatic weapons.” -Marla Parker

“This country does NOT need to allow semi automatic weapons and ammo clips of more than 5 bullets to be sold in order to assure the second amendment is protected. While our founding fathers were loading their single bullet muskets by hand, I am quite sure they never envisioned a semi automatic falling under the second amendment!!!!” -Marc Saperstein

“I think taxing ammunition and limiting the amounts that can be purchased during a particular window of time are viable ideas. I like all the other ideas as well, but trying to think of creative ways to work on this and find approaches that could gain traction. We have to appeal to people all over the political spectrum to make headway. Love what you're doing and thank you!” -Norri Leder

“Playing some role in preventing gun violence could be the most helpful thing we can do to help humanity. Let us keep doing what we can to show the politicians we are serious about this issue.” -Micki Friedland


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