Guns Update

Vice President Joe Biden’s task force has finalized its recommendations and this week, as early as Wednesday, President Obama will announce the White House’s plans to address gun violence. The proposals will likely include a number of executive actions that will not require Congressional approval (like limits on gun imports, sharing mental health records, and directing research on gun violence) as well as the comprehensive legislative approach that the JCPA has been advocating for with your help. You can read a rundown here.

In advance of those recommendations, today, on what would have been Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 84th birthday, more than fifteen faith organizations, including the JCPA, joined together as part of Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence for a press conference to speak out against gun violence in America.  Speaking on behalf of the Jewish community was the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism’s Deputy Director Rachel Laser. At the press conference it was announced that twenty-four faith leaders, including the JCPA’s Rabbi Steve Gutow, sent a letter to Members of Congress in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings.

This is an important moment for the campaign to end gun violence and the JCPA will continue to keep you engaged and informed. As Washington prepares to move forward, though, it is important to demonstrate the broad national support for a comprehensive approach to ending gun violence. If you have not yet already, please take a moment to sign the petition at


important moment for the campaign to end gun

The proposition will probably incorporate various official activities that won't require Congressional endorsement (like points of confinement on firearm imports, sharing psychological well-being records, and coordinating exploration on weapon brutality) and additionally the thorough authoritative approach that the JCPA has been pushing for with your help.As Washington plans to advance, however, it is vital to exhibit the expansive national help for an exhaustive way to deal with closure weapon viciousness. On the off chance that you have not yet as of now, please pause for a minute to sign the appeal to at Essay Writing Service...

Re important moment for the campaign to end gun

The recommendation will presumably join different authority exercises that won't require Congressional support (like purposes of restriction on gun imports, sharing mental prosperity records, and planning investigation on weapon ruthlessness) and also the intensive legitimate approach that the JCPA has been pushing for with your help.As Washington intends to progress, in any case, it is imperative to display the far reaching national help for a Essay Writing Service comprehensive method to manage conclusion weapon violence. In case you have not yet starting at now, please delay for a moment to sign the interest to at essay spot...

New Weapons And Updates

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