Mission to Detroit

For the past four years, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs has organized trips for Jewish and African American community leaders to learn about, reflect, and build on the strong cooperation between both groups in addressing social justice issues. This year, the upcoming June 27th-30th Jewish and African American Community Leaders Mission will take place in Detroit where the severe economic conditions there present an opportunity for the Jewish and African American communities to once again work side by side to confront a moral problem.

Along with an African American community partner, JCRC professionals and lay leaders are invited to participate in this unique opportunity to explore the nexus of race and poverty in Detroit – a city that faces a plethora of challenges as it works to rebuild its depreciated urban infrastructure, a struggling economy, and inadequate public services and institutions. While examining these issues, Mission participants will also engage with community leaders who are working on the ground in Detroit to effectively overcome issues of poverty.  Learning from their work in Detroit, Mission participants and their partners will create action steps to better address similar issues of poverty at home, as well as to strengthen relations between Jewish and African American communities around shared interests and advocacy work.  

The JCPA strongly encourages JCRCs to reach out to African American partners to join them on the Mission.  There is limited space, so those interested should complete the following short application no later than May 6th.  For further information regarding the Mission, please feel free to contact the JCPA Public Policy Fellow, Emily Kaplan, at ekaplan@thejcpa.org or 202-212-6036.


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