How-to Video Library

by Jared Feldman

Our friends at DemocracyInAction have put together several useful videos.  Each of these training videos serves as an online how-to guide.  Use them early and often!

Salsa Overview



Querying Supporters

Groups and Listservs


Email Blasts


Actions Overview 1

Advocacy - Actions



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Salsa Commons

by Lizzy Genatowski

Salsa Commons exists to help all Salsa users be powerfully effective.  Salsa Commons is part of a combined mission between WiredForChange and DemocracyInAction to help nonprofits and campaigns utilize technology and the various tools provided, in an effort to realize their visions.  Salsa Commons was established on the theory that "the right tools in the right hands employed in the right way can change the world."  

Salsa Commons supports its members through regular webinar training programs, in-person training in various geographical locations, a new program to orient new members on Salsa and various other accesible resources.   

Salsa Commons is a community established for Salsa partners and developers to engage each other and collaborate on answers, solutions and ideas through conversation.  With minimal technical knowledge Salsa managers, partners and developers can create applications and use the Salsa hub as a platform for managing and sharing information.  After all,  Salsa was built to be the most flexible and extendable organizing platform around. 

To visit the Salsa Commons website, click here.

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by Lizzy Genatowski

The ENGAGE program has a new component called 'feed'.   This allows JCPA member agencies to use JCPA developed content on thier websites.  JCPA Action Alerts, Press Releases, Newsletters, and other Resources automatically broadcast to JCRC websites.

If you are interested in this program, please join the ENGAGE program.

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ENGAGE PowerSearch

by Lizzy Genatowski

ENGAGE PowerSearch is a google fueled search engine created by the JCPA.  ENGAGE PowerSearch allows you to search not only the JCPA website, but also the websites of its 14 National Member Agencies and 125 local Jewish Community Relations Councils from across the country. 

For example, the ENGAGE PowerSeach will allow you to type in "Child Nutrition" and results regarding child nutrition could be returned to you from the JCPA, the Anti-Defamtion League, National Council of Jewish Women,  Westchester Jewish Conference, Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando, Jewish Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, and the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa.  That way, you could learn how to get involved on both a national and local level.

To use the ENGAGE PowerSearch, click here.  

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by Lizzy Genatowski

AddThis is the #1 bookmarking and sharing button on the internet.  AddThis helps website publishers and bloggers reach even more people, by allowing visitors to bookmark, email, print, or share the page's content on their prefered social network.  

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs  has integrated AddThis into its website, allowing our visitors to post Action Alerts, News Articles, resources and more to their favorite social networks, as well as email, print or bookmark this information.  

To visit the AddThis website, click here.

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Salsa Features

by Jared Feldman

For the ENGAGE program, JCPA has partnered with DemocracyInAction (DIA), a non-profit e-advocacy firm.  DIA offers a comprehensive supporter management system and internet tool through its SALSA patform.  All ENGAGE communitites will have full access to a complete suite of SALSA tools.  These tools inculde: Supporter Management, Interactive Web tools, Advocacy and Action Campaigns, Volunteer Management, Email Blasts, Events, Fundraising, and Report and Analytics.  These tools allow you to reach out and connect with other like-minded organizations and individuals to share successful programming, get help, and create a community and truly collaborative resource. 

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