IDB makes $30 million grant to Haiti for housing

by Eduardo Bialostozky

Program will benefit some 5,000 families to be relocated from tent camps in Port-au-Prince

A $30 million grant from the Inter-American Development Bank will help Haiti relocate some 5,000 families from tent camps in high-risk areas in Port-au-Prince to a new settlement with transitional housing and basic sanitation services.

The new settlement will be built on a plot of public land in Les Orangers, an area north of Port-au-Prince, following the guidelines of the Shelter Sector Response Plan, which has been approved by the Haitian government and is backed by various agencies assisting the country after the January 12 earthquake.

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Canada pledges millions in money and debt relief to Haitian reconstruction (Canadian Press)

by Eduardo Bialostozky

NEW YORK — Canada is pledging $400 million over two years in money and debt relief to help in the reconstruction of Haiti after January's devastating earthquake.

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda says $110 million of that comes from money the government promised in matching donations by individual Canadians.

Ottawa promised to match those donations soon after the quake struck Jan. 12, and has already pledged or spent another $85 million on Haitian relief efforts.

At least some of the new money will be administered by the proposed Interim Haitian Recovery Commission.

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G7 nations pledge debt relief for quake-hit Haiti

by Eduardo Bialostozky

The world's leading industrialised nations have pledged to write off the debts that Haiti owes them, following a devastating earthquake last month. Canada's finance minister announced at a summit in Iqaluit, northern Canada, that Group of Seven countries planned to cancel Haiti's bilateral debts.  Jim Flaherty said he would encourage international lenders to do the same. Some $1.2bn (£800m) of Haiti's debts to countries and international lending bodies has already been cancelled.

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Torrential Rain Triggers Deadly Floods in Haiti’s Southwest

by Eduardo Bialostozky

Monday, March 01, 2010 — It came a month before the official start of the season, but the intense rain that swept through the western end of the southern Haitian promontory over the weekend left parts of the city of Les Cayes under 1.5 meters of water and reportedly claimed eight lives.

“Yesterday it rained all day long and only stopped early this morning,” said Jean-Yves Placide, regional president of the Haitian National Red Cross Society at the branch in Les Cayes, west of the capital, Port-au-Prince. “The poor state of the sewers caused flooding in every quarter of the city,” he added in a telephone interview. In some places the waters rose to ceiling level in people’s houses.”

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Haiti earthquake aid pledged by country

by Eduardo Bialostozky

Haiti's quake has apparently galvanised the world. Find out how much different countries and organisations have pledged to the aid effort - and how much has actually been handed over.

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