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On Monday, May 31, nine protesters died in a clash with the Israeli Navy.  The IDF boarded the flotilla of activists , including some with ties to terror groups,  who repeatedly ignored requests that the ships dock in the Israeli port of Ashdod so that the supplies could be inspected before being delivered to Gaza.  When the Israeli troops, lowered from a helicopter, landed on the boats, the protesters attacked them with metal pipes and projectiles, reportedly taking the gun from one soldier, resulting in the deadly confrontation.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic outcome on board the flotilla this weekend. The loss of life was very unfortunate and could have been avoided.  It is clear that the flotilla's intentions were not purely humanitarian, but rather to take hostile steps to draw attention to Israel's blockade, a legal measure required for Israel's security.

It is vital that Israel and the international community learn exactly what happened leading up to the raid, in the moments onboard the ship and in the immediate aftermath.  It is our hope that we will soon learn all of the facts and circumstances surrounding this tragic event and put in place safeguards to prevent similar incidents.

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President Barack Obama discusses the Flotilla Incident with Larry King on CNN. 

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