Domestic Resolutions

Resolution on Interfaith Relations

Adopted by the 2008 JCPA Plenum and October 2008 JCPA Board Meeting

Recent decades have marked considerable advances in interfaith dialogue and understanding. Religious diversity and respect for minority faiths has strengthened an America that has, in turn, provided tremendous opportunity for American Jews. Interfaith partnerships have provided an invaluable voice for civil rights, religious liberties, social justice, environmental protection, protection of religious minorities in other lands, and many other areas of concern. On occasion, the Jewish community has found itself at great distance from other faith communities on key issues. Where close relationships have existed, they have mitigated disharmony that might otherwise have resulted.



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Task Force Concern on Gender Identity Discrimination

Adopted by the 2008 JCPA Plenum

The struggle for equality has taken many forms over the years as different groups have sought full participation in American society. The inclusion of a group in anti-discrimination or hate crimes legislation is nothing more than recognition that the promise of economic freedom and physical security still eludes many Americans. Legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation has, at times, been drafted to include protection for individuals based on their gender identity, a person’s own sense of identification as male or female, or gender expression. The JCPA supports state and federal legislation that would extend civil rights protections to individuals based on their real or perceived gender identity or expression. As with legislation such as the Employment Non Discrimination Act, we support the inclusion of a carefully drawn exemption for religious institutions.



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Task Force Concern on Language and Identity Charter Schools

Adopted by the 2008 JCPA Plenum

Without taking a position on the value of charter schools, we acknowledge an increasing trend in public education is the creation of schools designed to draw together students of similar interest or background. There is an understandable allure to such schools, as they promise to help students gain better skills in second languages, understand diverse cultures, and provide alternatives to schools that may otherwise be failing to provide the quality education every student deserves.



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Resolution On Handgun Violence

Adopted by the 2007 JCPA Plenum

The Jewish community relations field has a long standing concern with issues of quality of life and public safety. It is out of this concern, as well as the belief that Jewish tradition compels us to uphold the sanctity of life and the commandment against murder, that the JCPA has supported a wide range of legislative efforts designed to limit unfettered access to firearms such as the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, commonly referred to as the Assault Weapons Ban. While opinion polls indicate broad support for governmental restrictions on the availability of firearms, state legislatures and the U.S. Congress have all too often been hesitant to enact much needed gun legislation. In fact, existing legislation has increasingly come under threat from lobbying efforts from the highly influential gun manufacturers lobby and in 2006, the 10 year old Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to expire.



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Resolution On U.S. Dependence On Foreign Energy Sources

Adopted by the 2007 Plenum

America’s increasing dependence on foreign oil for transportation, electricity, industry and other uses poses great risks for our nation and the world, specifically threats to national security, economic stability, and the health of our environment. In particular, our dependence on foreign oil enriches some countries that are hostile to the United States and support terrorism. America’s growing energy consumption and reliance on foreign oil and other fossil fuels requires prompt action and the Jewish Council of Public Affairs calls upon our government to make this issue a top national priority.  



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