Domestic Resolutions

Resolution On Seizing The Moment: Applying The Lessons Of Hurricane Katrina – Part I

Adopted by the 2006 JCPA Plenum

Some moments in history transform the ways in which societies operate.  Others constitute a call to action that goes unheard.  Before the history is written about the 2005 hurricane season, and the flood that devastated much of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the Jewish community and all Americans must seize this moment to create lasting and necessary change.



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Resolution on Equal Opportunity And Social JusticeTask Force Concerns

Adopted by the 2006 JCPA Plenum

Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Census data for 2004 revealed that the number of uninsured Americans rose for the fourth year in a row resulting in 45.8 million Americans uninsured. In light of this growing problem the JCPA reaffirms its support for quality, affordable health care coverage, regardless of income, in accordance with our 2000 resolution on healthcare.  We call for passage of legislation which would address the crisis of racial and class disparities in health care.  We support legislation that expands health coverage to include the more than 45 million Americans lacking adequate health insurance, 52% of whom are minorities; removes language and cultural barriers experienced by 21 million people in the United States in regards to procuring quality health care; supports and expands programs to reduce health disparities especially diabetes, obesity, heart disease, asthma and HIV/AIDS which disproportionately impact racial and ethnic minorities; and ensures funding of the Office of Minority Health and the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities and the important work that they do.



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Jewish Security And The Bill Of Rights Task Force Concerns Resolution

Adopted by the 2006 JCPA Plenum

The Non-Profit Sector

The nonprofit sector enriches America and the world through varied programs and charitable deeds.  A vibrant and independent charitable community is vital for a strong America. Periodically, legislation is introduced that would restrict the rights of nonprofit organizations to engage in certain activities such as issue education and advocacy  or engaging in nonpartisan election-related activities such as registering individuals to vote and holding properly constructed candidate forums.



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Resolution On Protecting Pluralistic Democracy In America

Adopted by the 2006 JCPA Plenum

The success of pluralistic democracy in America and the success of Jews and other religious minorities within this society are directly linked to the strength of our democratic institutions and Constitutional freedoms including religion and speech.  The JCPA mission statement concludes that “the Jewish community has a direct stake and an ethical imperative to assure that America remains a country wedded to the Bill of Rights and committed to the rule of law, a nation whose institutions continue to function as a public trust.”



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Statement on Social Security Reform

Affirmed by the JCPA Executive Committee
August 10, 2005


Tikkun Olam, repair of the world, is a fundamental value embraced by the Jewish people.  The American Jewish community has long advocated the principle of collective responsibility and worked to promote equal opportunity, social justice, and support for those in need in our society who are elderly, widowed, orphaned, poor or have disabilities.

Based on these fundamental precepts, the JCPA historically has supported public and private programs that prevent or alleviate poverty.  While Social Security was conceived as a universal social benefit, and still functions as such, it is also one of the most effective anti-poverty tools ever created by the federal government.  Without Social Security, nearly 50% of the U.S. elderly population would live beneath the poverty line.  The Social Security system is particularly beneficial to women, especially widows and divorced women, and low-income workers, who receive a higher proportion of their lifetime aggregate earnings in Social Security benefits.  The program also provides special benefits to orphans.



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