Domestic Resolutions

Resolution on Task Force Concerns: Houses Of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act; Therapeutic Cloning Research, Jewish Tradition and Public Policy; Court Stripping

Adopted by the 2005 JCPA Plenum

Oppose Houses Of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act

Under current law, tax exempt organizations are prohibited from intervening in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to a candidate for public office. The proposed “House of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act” seeks to create an exemption to the law by instituting an exception solely applicable to religious tax-exempt organizations thereby allowing them to engage in these currently prohibited political activities. Passage of this Act would seriously threaten religious liberty by turning the sanctuaries of America’s houses of worship into partisan political operations permitting campaigning for candidates during religious services or gatherings.



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Resolution on Cloning Research (adopted in 2004, revised in 2005)

Adopted by the 2004 JCPA Plenum; Revised 2005 JCPA Plenum

Society today stands on the threshold of a new era in biomedical research.  The wisdom granted to humans by our Creator has led to our greater understanding and knowledge of the building blocks of human life itself.  Scientists revealed the existence and role of DNA and cellular science many years ago.  Currently, scientists are not only able to describe the nature of cellular life, but manipulate it as well.  Scientists now believe that embryonic stem cells -- cells derived from the inner cell mass of developing embryos -- hold the promise of treating many life threatening conditions because they have demonstrated the capacity to develop into healthy organ tissue which could potentially replace that which has been destroyed by aging or disease.



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Resolution On Separation Of Religion And State

Adopted by the 2005 JCPA Plenum

As Jews, members of a religious minority within the United States, we are particularly sensitive to the relationship between religion and state in this nation. The American tradition of religious freedom has enabled the Jewish community to flourish in the most religiously pluralistic nation in history.  The First Amendment’s guarantees of the free exercise of religion and prohibition against the establishment of religion are designed to ensure that Americans of all faiths and of all beliefs can live as their consciences dictate.



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Resolution on Economic Sanctions Including Divestment As Obstacles To The Advancement Of Middle East Peace

Adopted by the 2005 JCPA Plenum

The Jewish community is deeply committed to alleviating the suffering of all people and we support efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  We seek a solution that will allow both peoples to live in peace and dignity and to fulfill the hopes and the aspirations of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples within the context of peaceful co-existence and mutual recognition.

While we recognize that difficult compromises will be required in order for both sides to come to mutual agreement, we are very concerned about efforts that seek to blame Israel for the failure of the peace process or that seek to use economic actions that could be construed as attacks against Israel. Ironically, while presented as an effort to hasten a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, these efforts are more likely to hinder rather than advance the peace process, endorsing a continuation of a strategy of rejectionism and terror. Moreover, in light of the change in Palestinian leadership and the corresponding improvement in relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, divestment efforts are ill timed and counterproductive.



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Resolution on Task Force Concerns: Medicaid; Confronting Poverty By Funding Anti-Poverty Programs; Reproductive Choice

Adopted by the 2005 JCPA Plenum


Since biblical times, Jewish tradition finds a profound value in the preservation of health and life of all individuals. We recognize that to save a life is as if to save an entire world.  For decades, the JCPA has been dedicated to improving the American healthcare system and Medicaid in particular.  Medicaid is our nation’s health care safety net, the only source of health care coverage for 47 million Americans, including working families, low-income children, seniors, pregnant women and people with disabilities.  Of critical importance to the Jewish community is the extensive funding that Medicaid provides for low-income seniors, especially for nursing home care.  Because Medicaid is funded jointly by states and the federal government and represents a significant part of each state’s budget, recent state fiscal crises have added to problems with financing the Medicaid program.



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