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Nashville's Poverty Reduction Plan

01:58 PM Mar 01, 2010

Check out Nashville's Poverty Reduction Plan, created by a community coalition lead by the CRC of Nashville.  The genesis of this work stemmed from community members, policy makers, and advocates participating in the Food Stamp Challenge promoted by JCPA and organized by the Nashville CRC and subsequent Poverty Simulations CRC/Catholic Charities partnered on in the community. 

This report was shared with Mayor Karl Dean, who at a formal press conference this past week accepted it with great applause and pledged to help implement it.  A good portion of this plan will be implemented and managed by Metro Social Services with community partnerships picking up what is left.  Our oversight committee will remain in tact and will continue to work with committee chairs.  Two progress reports annually will be delivered to the Mayor and the public.  We are currently working on oversight, communication, evaluation, and data collection mechanisms. 

You can find the report by clicking here or by goign to this url:

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