Press Releases
JCPA Supports Israel’s Efforts to Stop Gaza Rocket Attacks December 29, 2008
Israel Advocacy Initiative Brings Community Leaders to Israel December 2, 2008
JCPA Expresses Sorrow, Stands In Solidarity With Mumbai Terror Victims, Families December 1, 2008
JCPA Condemns Palestinian Solidarity Day - Group Finds Assembly President's Remarks Troubling November 26, 2008
Increase In U.S. Hunger Numbers Underscores Need For Organized Community Efforts To Fight Poverty November 17, 2008
JCPA Congratulates President-Elect Obama November 5, 2008
JCPA Expresses Concern for Christians in India, Iraq October 20, 2008
JCPA Calls Upon Congress to Approve Stimulus Package September 29, 2008
JCPA Applauds Congressional Passage of Disability Bill September 17, 2008
Representative John Lewis (D-GA) to Kick-Off Nationwide Interfaith Week of Action to Address Poverty September 8, 2008
Religious Coalition Organizes Nationwide Week of Public Service to Cut Poverty in Half in a Decade - Interfaith Week of Action Calls on Government Leaders to Initiate Comprehensive Plan September 8, 2008
JCPA: Jewish Community Should Re-resolve to Help Rebuild Communities Affected by Hurricane Katrina August 29, 2008
JCPA: Candidates Must Address Poverty - New Poverty Data Illustrates Need for Action August 26, 2008
JCPA Applauds Reauthorization of U.S. Global AIDS Plan August 5, 2008
Time for Politics Parties to Take a Stance on Poverty - Jewish Council for Public Affairs Leads Outreach Efforts to End Poverty July 29, 2008
JCPA: Minimum Wage Increase Is the Right Step July 24, 2008
Capture of Bosnian Serb War Criminal is a Welcome Development, Leading Jewish Advocacy Group Says July 22, 2008
American Jews Express Solidarity With Israel as Abducted IDF Israelis Returned July 16, 2008
JCPA Welcomes Presbyterian Church (USA)
Move Toward Balance
June 27, 2008
Jews and African Americans Learn Steps to Jointly Improve Nation - JCPA Conference Strives to Strengthen Relations Among Blacks, Jews June 18, 2008
JCPA Joins Jewish Agencies Expressing Profound Hurt by Presbyterian Church Actions June 13, 2008
JCPA Hails Supreme Court Decision Defending Global Human Rights June 12, 2008
JCPA Hails Passage of Congressional Budget Resolution June 5, 2008
JCPA Applauds Senate Passage of Budget Resolution June 4, 2008
U.S. Senate to Debate Global Climate Change, JCPA Urges Senators to Take Stand Against Climate Change June 3, 2008
JCPA Applauds Presidential Candidates For Statement On Darfur May 28, 2008
JCPA Condemns Burning of Christian Bibles in Israel May 22, 2008
JCPA Condemns Hamas Attack In Ashkelon May 14, 2008
United Methodist Church Defeats Divestment Agenda May 2, 2008
JCPA: Shame on President Carter April 23, 2008
Bush Should Boycott Opening Olympic Ceremonies: JCPA Joins Call to Send Message to Beijing on China’s Human Rights Record April 10, 2008
JCPA Condemns Terror Attack In Jerusalem March 6, 2008
JCPA Mourns The Passing Of Congressman Tom Lantos February 11, 2008
JCPA Expresses Hope For President Bush’s Middle East Visit January 10, 2008
JCPA Applauds Pres. Bush For Darfur Law January 2, 2008