JCPA Condemns Rep. Goode's Letter Expressing Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim Sentiment December 22, 2006
JCPA Expresses Concern over Religious Violations by Military Leadership December 21, 2006
Commending Kofi Annan’s Statements on UN Human Rights Council December 01, 2006
UJC/JCPA Israel Institute Brings Protestant Leaders to Israel November 29, 2006
JCPA Praises Secretary General Kofi Annan For Urging Human Rights Council To Focus Attention on Darfur November 30, 2006
JCPA Praises President Bush’s Decision to Appoint a Special Envoy to Darfur September 19, 2006
Non-Jewish Community Leaders to Travel to Israel September 06, 2006
JCPA Welcomes a Clarification of a Presbyterian Church Publication September 1, 2006
JCPA Hails Passage of U.N. Resolution Authorizing Force in Darfur September 1, 2006
JCPA Calls For International Community to Enforce UN Resolutions; Push for Disarmament of Hezbollah August 17, 2006
Jewish Community Leaders Press for Continued U.S. Support for Israel at White House, State Dept., Capitol July 20, 2006
JCPA Supports Israel's Right to Defend Against Recent Terrorist Attacks July 12, 2006
JCPA Helps Collect One Million Postcards Urging Bush to Play Leadership Role in Ending Darfur June 29, 2006
Joint Statement post PC GA 2006 June 22, 2006
JCPA Condemns Sudanese President For Rejecting United Nations Peacekeepers June 22, 2006
JCPA Praises Presbyterian Church for More Balanced Investments Policy
June 22, 2006
JCPA Praises Darfur Peace Agreement - Applauds President Bush and Deputy Secretary of State for their Efforts May 9, 2006
JCPA Expresses Outrage Over Today’s Terrorist Attack In Tel Aviv April 17, 2006
JCPA Responds To Immigration Reform Controversy April 11, 2006
JCPA Congratulates Olmert on Election Win March 30, 2006
JCPA Applauds U.S. Treasury Department’s Decision Designating Al-Manar A Global Terrorist Entity March 27, 2006
JCPA Condemns Recent Anti-Semitic Attacks In France March 7, 2006
Jewish Council for Public Affairs Takes Leadership Role in Combatting Darfur Genocide February 21, 2006
JCPA Expresses Concern over Extreme Reaction to Publication of Cartoons Depicting Mohammed. February 8, 2006
JCPA Praises Ford, Rockefeller, and Cummings Foundations For Withdrawing support From AAUP Conference February 8, 2006
JCPA calls on International Community to Shun Hamas and Hamas-led Government until formal, verifiable renunciation of terror. January 26, 2006
Jewish Council for Public Affairs Applauds European Union s Decision to Refer Iran to U.N. Security Council January 12, 2006
Jewish Council for Public Affairs Prays for the Health of Prime Minister Sharon January 5, 2006