The mission of this Cluster is to provide an effective medium through which Jewish community relations professionals can share best practices, receive targeted resources and briefings, and create and coordinate advocacy and programming initiatives to maximize their impact on tackling the issue of hunger in America.

The JCPA provides valuable resources for Cluster members—all of whom are ‘grasstops’ leaders—to rapidly mobilize their constituents in critical moments of legislative deliberations, to engage their communities in grassroots activism, and to link this activism to education and advocacy on both a local and national level.

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JCRC in california attacks hunger, the silent social disease

Silicon Valley is generally considered to be an affluent community, despite the fact that we currently have 11.8% unemployment, one percent higher than the national level. After spending the last two years focusing a great deal on hunger, our JCRC has discovered that hunger is a somewhat silent social disease. It doesn’t make the front page of the paper very often. Once you uncover the truth, you find yourself writing letters to the editor, tweeting and face booking, and spouting facts to your friends whenever the subject comes up in conversation. Through these activities, and through providing educational programming, advocacy and direct service events over the past two years, our JCRC has become a local resource on food insecurity and what can be done to eliminate it. We didn’t set out to become experts, only to try to make a difference. Passionate, articulate voices on something as basic as hunger seem to be in short supply though, and sorely needed—so we have found our value-added, to the Jewish community and to the larger Silicon Valley community. READ MORE...

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