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Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign Pledge

During this time of pivotal global environmental challenge, we have a unique opportunity to work together toward a better future on the common ground of a healthy environment, green jobs, and a secure energy future.  Our actions include living more sustainably, leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and repairing God's Creation by seeking to share inspiration in the cause rather than facing the struggle alone.  By signing this Covenant, I commit, through a campaign facilitated by the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, to join hands with a broad community of Jews working to address this challenge together.

Former Vice President Al Gore endorsing our effort said "...I'm so very excited by COEJL's Covenant Campaign and some of its particular projects.  I am so happy to see that this initiative will draw upon the new leadership of younger men and women who see in the legacy of Judaism's teachings on stewardship a source of renewal of their Jewish faith..." Click here to read more.


As an INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER – to CHOOSE transportation, food, building, and other options that conserve more, use less, and eliminate unnecessary waste.

As a JEW IN COMMUNITY – to JOIN or to INITIATE communal actions like greening our synagogue, school or workplace, cleaning up trash, planting trees, and creating online activism; to ACT as a model and raise AWARENESS of sustainable behaviors, and to CALL ON others--friends, family, colleagues-- also to  PLEDGE and to ACT.

As a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN – to ADVOCATE that communal leaders, elected officials, and the media support domestic and international policies that:

REDUCE environmental degradation and excess resource use;
PROMOTE American energy independence and security by using less foreign oil and producing more energy from clean, sustainable, domestic sources;
PROTECT those living in poverty – at home and around the world – from the adverse impacts of the environmental crises of our time; and IMPROVE their conditions and opportunities;
EMPOWER all people to take part in the new, green economy and help build a sustainable society;
ASSURE that our world’s environment will be made better for our children and grandchildren and the world’s future generations.

“Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said,’ three things are of equal importance, earth, humans, and rain.’ Rabbi Levi ben Hiyyata said:…’to teach that without earth, there is no rain, and without rain, the earth cannot endure, and without either, humans cannot exist.’” ~Genesis Rabbah 13:3

Let us begin today to repair ourselves and our planet.
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