In taking the Food Stamp Challenge, you will personally experience the challenges of hunger in the United States – challenges that the 1 in 7 Americans who use food stamps, including nearly 25% a quarter of all American children, face daily. This is a time for education and understanding; a time to say “enough.” When you take the Food Stamp Challenge, you will join hundreds of others across the country, including religious leaders, elected officials, celebrities, and other concerned community activists, to build the public and political will to end hunger in the United States.

Individual Participation Dates & Guidelines

The official Jewish Community Food Stamp Challenge will take place:

Monday, December 1 through Sunday December 7, 2014.

If you cannot participate on these specific dates, we encourage you to schedule your Food Stamp Challenge before the new year.

Participation Guidelines

1.         Keep to the budget -- only $29.40 on food and beverages for the week of the Challenge.  That's only $4.20 per day or $1.40 per meal.

2.         Everything needs to be included in the budget, including fast food and dining out.  Avoid accepting free food from friends, family, or at work, including food at receptions or coffee in the office.

3.         Stick to the food you buy for the Challenge.  Do not you eat food you already own (this does not include spices and condiments).

4.         Multiply your impact.  Set your fundraising goal for anti-poverty efforts and reach out to your network.

5.         Challenge three friends to join the Food Stamp Challenge and post pictures of your meals on Facebook and tweet about your experience with #FoodStampChallenge.

Note: You may find it difficult to complete the Challenge due to schedule or the limited budget. It will still be important and worthwhile to track your experiences.