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September 8, 2016


As the JCPA gears up for its Fall Meeting next week, the wider world of Jewish news and advocacy has been busy. On Wednesday, the JCPA attended a high level forum on global anti-Semitism at the United Nations where U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power and others spoke about the continuing challenges of fighting the ancient scourge. On the domestic front, the JCPA policy team developed a detailed community engagement guide to help local JCRCs navigate the 2016 election and maximize community participation. The JCPA is also pleased to announce new details for its Jewish leadership retreat in Israel.


President's Blog: The Difficulties of Engagement I recently represented the JCPA at a meeting with other Jewish leaders with Black Lives Matters activists and Jews of color, discussing the Movement for Black Lives platform and ways the Jewish community can be mobilized in the modern civil rights movement. The JCPA will be actively mobilizing its network to become more active on criminal justice reform and other civil rights issues in the days ahead. As the United States becomes increasingly diverse, intergroup engagement has never been more important. Yet very often the Jewish community stumbles in this area by moving too quickly. In my latest blog post, I’ll offer my advice for how to build meaningful relationships outside our comfort zones. Click here to read more.


#JewsforRefugees Assembly –  You are invited to show strong Jewish support and to advocate for the safety and dignity of refugees around the world. The JCPA is co-sponsoring a HIAS event, "Jews for Refugee Assembly," on September 14, from 7-9 pm in New York City. The goal is to influence U.S. policy at two upcoming and high level meetings on refugees. Please share the invite with your community. Click here to register. 

National Sign-On Letter: The Emergency Food and Shelter Program – The Jewish Federations of North America is seeking your organization’s sign-on to a national letter in opposition to a proposed $20 million cut to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program in FY 2017. The deadline for signing-on is the close of business Monday, September 12. For more information, email Robert B. Goldberg, Esq., Senior Director, Legislative Affairs at The Jewish Federations of North America at rob.goldberg@jewishfederations.org


Community Engagement Guide – Clinton? Trump? – Gary Johnson? – Write in your own candidate? The 2016 election is finally upon us. With voting just weeks away, it is critical that Jewish voters know the issues and get out the vote. To help local JCRC’s prepare election programming, the JCPA has put together a comprehensive community engagement guide. Here you can find background information on issues, talking points for candidate forums and ways to get your community to the polls. For more information, email JCPA Senior Policy Associate Tamara Gilden at tgilden@thejcpa.org.

JCPA at the United Nations – Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Around the world, Jews are facing growing threats of marginalization and violence. On Wednesday, the Missions of Canada, Israel, the United States, and Delegation of the European Union held a high level forum on global anti-Semitism to address the issue. The JCPA, among other participants, heard from the highest levels of the international body including Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power, and Israeli Permanent Representative Danny Danon.

  • Click here to read Ambassador Power’s call-to-action
  • Click here to watch the address by Representative Danon 
  • The JCPA was here, providing real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter.  

Help End Human Trafficking in the United States – In 2014, the JCPA passed a resolution to end human trafficking. Since then, a number of JCRCs have been working on this concern in local coalitions. The NCJW has taken human trafficking on as a priority issue and has produced an Exodus: Anti-Trafficking Tool Kit which we are sharing with you. Human trafficking is a problem that can only be defeated by building an abolitionist movement of men and women at the local level, where it takes place. For assistance with your anti-trafficking work please contact JCPA Senior Vice President Melanie Roth Gorelick at mgorelick@thejcpa.org.


Register for the JCPA Fall Meeting – The JCPA Fall Meeting will take place from September 15-16 and will focus on new directions for Jewish advocacy and community relations. Speakers will include Jerry Silverman, President & CEO of Jewish Federations of North America; David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee; Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Nancy Kaufman, CEO of the National Council for Jewish Women, and others. The annual gathering will also focus on new frontiers of the civil rights movement, strategies to counter the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and the upcoming Presidential elections and the Jewish community. There’s still time to register for the JCPA Fall Meeting by clicking here

JCPA Israel Leadership Mission – The JCPA is now accepting applications for our annual Israel leadership mission. The trip will be a unique opportunity for JCRC leaders to meet with Israeli religious, civic, and political leaders and learn how to become more effective, nuanced advocates for Israel. The mission will go from December 5th until December 10th with an optional extra morning on December 11th. For more information, email JCPA Communications Manager Jon Levine at jlevine@thejcpa.org. 

Faith Perspective on Criminal Justice Reform  On August 31, the JCPA’s Krissy Roth, Deputy Director of Domestic Policy and Washington Representative, moderated a panel of faith advocates on Capitol Hill entitled "Faith Perspective on Criminal Justice Reform." Click here to see more. 

Holocaust Survivor Support – The JCPA is proud to have signed on to a Jewish Federation of North America letter to the U.S. Administration on Community Living offering guidance on how to safeguard the needs of this community.


Fall Meeting - September 15-16, New York

JCPA Leadership Mission to Israel, December 5-11, 2016

JCPA 2017 - February 25-28, Washington DC 

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