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August 16, 2017


Our Role in Combating White Nationalism, a message from David Bernstein, President of JCPA

"Widespread condemnation of the protests is a powerful reminder that the vast majority of Americans remain deeply committed to the diverse, pluralistic democracy that we cherish. While we hope that the nation’s response will serve as a deterrent for future marches, we must actively address the persistence of hatred and prepare to counter extremism as it resurges.... For the security of the Jewish community and in solidarity with other targeted communities, we must take a leading role in combating anti-Semitism, white nationalism, and intolerance in all its forms." To read the full blog and learn about action steps, click here.


August Recess Advocacy Toolkit- JCPA encourages the network to meet with their congressional members while they are in their district offices during the month of August. JCPA’s toolkit, provides background on policy priorities, talking points, and tips for a successful meeting. Our key messages to Congress:

  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Federal Budget - FY 2018 budget must protect our most vulnerable by maintaining adequate funding for anti-poverty programs; humanitarian aid and foreign assistance; environmental protection; and refugee resettlement.
  • Immigration - Support refugee resettlement cap of at least 75,000, which is already insufficient, especially given the severity of the refugee crises.
  • Health Care - Work on a bipartisan health care solution that lowers costs, maintains coverage standards, protects Medicaid, and expands access to affordable care.
  • Separation of Church and State - Uphold the existing law prohibiting tax-exempt religious nonprofits from endorsing or opposing candidates for public office.
  • Israel - Support legislation that opposes the delegitimization of Israel.

Click here to read the full toolkit

JCPA Opposes the “RAISE Act”- JCPA continues to advocate for generous immigration policies that balance the protection of civil and human rights with national security concerns. We oppose the newly released RAISE Act, which would cut legal immigration in half over the next 10 years, capping refugee resettlement at a maximum of 50,000 annually and restricting family visas.

East Africa Famine Update– The United Nations has called the situation in East Africa the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. More than 20 million people in Nigeria are at risk for starvation and 330,000 people have been affected by the cholera epidemic since late April and 1.4 million children could die in the next few months. Despite its severity, there has been a lack of coverage and response to this dire situation.

  • JCPA participated in the Jewish Coalition for East Africa Relief emergency vote to immediately allocate $30,000 to the Abayudaya community in Uganda for the purchase and distribution of food.
  • Please read and share this Washington Post article,  which has helped garner more awareness of this crisis, and urge your federation to help fund aid efforts.

Syrian Refugee Crisis Update– Since 2011, over 5 million people have fled Syria, seeking refuge in the Middle East and Europe. Within Syria, there are an additional 13.5 million people in need. The civilians suffering inside Syria and those that have escaped to neighboring countries are still in need of help to meet their basic needs. Since late June, the Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees has been involved in quietly working to deliver assistance to Syrian refugees through Israel. Click here to review all the Syria programs the Coalition has funded.


Our duty: to raise our voices for those who have no voice by Linda Scherzer, Director of the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

Mosque Bombing was the act of a coward by the Editorial Board of the Star Tribune in Minnesota


JCPA Fall Meetings in New York City, September 10 and 11, 2017- Come together with the leaders of the field to hear from experts and grapple with these issues as we answer these questions and set the community relations agenda. REGISTER TODAY!

Featured speakers

Jennie Lancaster
North Carolina Division of Adult Correction
Steven Bayme
American Jewish Committee
David Harris
American Jewish Committee

Vanita Gupta
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Ambassador Dani Dayan
Consul General of Israel in New York

JCPA Initiative for JCRC Chairs- JCPA is hosting a virtual retreat for JCRC Chairs and Directors. The first session will take place on September 12, 12:00 - 2:00 pm. For more information, please contact Haya Luftig at hluftig@thejcpa.org.


Israel Leadership Mission 2017– Mark your Calendar! JCPA's Israel Mission will take place December 3-8, 2017. Our mission ensures that JCPA leaders are well-equipped to help the community relations field be effective and nuanced advocates for Israel. Through high-level meetings, education, and exploration, the mission provides firsthand knowledge about Israel's efforts to pursue peace and democracy, advance pluralism, and protect its security. For more information, click here. To register, click here.


Catch Up on CRCasts You May Have Missed- CRCast is a regular series tackling Jewish advocacy and community relations issues. From the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide to the new Administration to the challenges facing Israel, we provide insight into complex issues and practical solutions. Episode topics include:
  • Slashing $10 Billion in Jewish Social Services: What’s at Stake for Your Community?
  • What is the Alt-right (And What Should We Do About Them)?
  • Strategic Framework for Battling the Delegitimization of Israel
  • Lessons Learned 50 Years After the Six-Day War  
  • The Socially Responsible Investing Movement's Influence on Israel/BDS
  • Illegal: Reflections of an Undocumented Immigrant

Click here to view.

Screen PBS Documentaries for FREE at Your Organization-  PBS wants us to screen their documentaries for free, and are making it super easy: POV on PBS is television's longest-running showcase for independent nonfiction films. POV's 30th season opens with five films that capture the Syrian refugee crisis from the vantage points of filmmakers around the world, and continues with two stories about Holocaust survivors who pass on their histories to future generations. See more here.