The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) is working to develop an online advocacy and activism portal for JCPA and JCPA member agencies.   JCPA intends to take the lead to help our member organizations more effectively and efficiently share information and pool resources.  To achieve our goal, JCPA is developing a new program called ENGAGE.

Founded more than 60 years ago, JCPA brings the Jewish Community Relations Councils, our local affiliates in 125 cities and towns, together with our 14 national member agencies.  The JCPA network is one of the nation’s largest and most developed organizations of its type.  

Our challenge now is to mirror our robust bricks and mortar institutions in the virtual world.  A new JCPA network-wide internet portal would provide JCPA and JCPA’s member organizations with the necessary tools to engage new members and sustain ongoing activism.

ENGAGE is a multifaceted program that uses internet based communication methods to extend the reach of our network.  This includes Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), interactive website features, and social networking.  Become a fan of JCPA facebook and subscribe to twitter feeds!  

Since the launch of the ENGAGE program in 2008, JCPA and handful of "pilot" communities have employed a suite of internet tools.  These have tools have been very successful and we would like to expand this program throughout the JCPA network of organizations.  

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A big welcome to MetroWest.  MetroWest is the most recent community to join the ENGAGE system!  We are excited about our work together.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Metropolitan Detroit (Detroit JCRC) is a member of the first cohort of ENGAGE "pilot" communities. 

The Detroit JCRC has done some incredible work using the ENGAGE system.  They currently use the E-Mail Blast Tool for their weekly newsletters and program updates. 

The Detroit JCRC has also deployed the ENGAGE system for sophisticated advocacy campaigns. 

Click here to view the Detroit JCRC's Crisis in Gaza letter-to-the-editor campaign website.

Detroit also has an extensive social media presence that could be used as a model for other agencies. 

Visit the Detroit JCRC on facebook by clicking here.

Social Media Integration

JCPA can be found on social networking sites throughout the web.  Check out our fan page on facebook and follow IAI's tweets!

ENGAGE Power Search

This new feature allows anybody to search across the websites of all JCPA member agencies: 14 national and 125 local. 

See what you find!


The ENGAGE program has a new component called 'feed'.   This allows JCPA member agencies to use JCPA developed content on their websites.  JCPA Action Alerts, Press Releases, Newsletters, and other Resources automatically broadcast to JCRC websites. 

If you are interested in this program, please join the ENGAGE program.

SALSA Platform

JCPA has partnered with Democracy in Action to provide access to the full SALSA platform to ENGAGE communities.  Check out the full list of features here.

Check out the new ENGAGE video library!

We have recently launched a new video library that includes tons of tutorials on how to use the Salsa platform by DemocracyInAction.  Check them out!

General | Supporter Tools | E-mail Blasts | Advocacy Tools | Website Tools

SalsaCommons is here!

The SalsaCommons is an online community for a Salsa Platform users.  This site features full documentation for the Salsa system, message boards, helpful tips, and online classes.  Click here to check it out. 

Documentation | Community | Partners

ENGAGE Communities Network

JCPA recently launched the ENGAGE Communities Network.  This online community is designed specifically for ENGAGE communities.  This Users Group includes a listserv, useful documents, and a discussion board where communities can share best practices and innovative ideas.